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Year of You

It’s gonna change everything

Ready to totally transform into the version of you that you KNOW you are but just haven’t been able to get to? Maybe you can see her but just don’t know “how” to get there?

OR maybe you don’t even know what she looks like and the lack of clarity and uncertainty has left you paralyzed in indecision and confusion…

Well, I’m done with new year’s resolutions that never result in anything or only medium results where you got halfway there

So I want to work with 10 women who are DONE being mediocre and down to be up-leveled!

Done with creating goals and not achieving them, ready to create results.

Done with living a life that is less than what they know they are capable of and ready to be out there turning their dreams into reality.

This is why I invited you!


I know you’re ready to reach a crazy amazing goal that you’ve been thinking about accomplishing but have been trapped in fantasy and fear, so go let’s do it!


Program outcomes:

  • Accomplish 1 huge goal that you’ve been wanting to go out and do but haven’t by June 1, 2020. And don’t worry there will be many other goals accomplished along the way.

  • Learn how to create a plan and GET IT DONE

  • Overcome fear and obstacles to find confidence and certainty within yourself

  • Learn to self coach to feel negative emotion and still get it done

  • Connect with other high achieving women who are ready to make a change and accomplish big things

  • Build a crazy amazing relationship with yourself

Program logistics:

  • Starts December 1st 2019

  • Ends June 1st 2020

  • Includes:

    • Individual weekly coaching calls – YES individualized coaching for 6 months!

    • In between session support via cell, email & slack

    • Group monthly coaching calls

    • Quarterly check ins

    • Group slack channel

    • Progress tracking

    • In person retreat/workshop (flight, accommodations & food not included)

  • Deadline to sign up: November 14th, 2019

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Still not sure?

Ask Yourself…

  • What is at stake if things don’t change? 

  • What is going to happen if you get to June 1st 2020 and you didn’t accomplish your goal? 

  • What is going to be different about you when you reach the next version of yourself in 2020? 

  • Is reaching that goal worth it to you? 


If you’re still hesitant, I get it, it’s a big investment. I’m totally open to hop on a call to make sure it’s a good fit or to discuss your options. Go ahead and reach out to me at