Braveheart VIP

spend the day 1:1 with

Dorothy in Pensacola Beach, FL

“If you've been wanting to..."

  • Get away from your regular routine and constant reminders of your ex
  • Lay on a beach and hang out with breakup coach dorothy who’s been in your ear since day 1 of your breakup
  • Get over your ex in the most epic way
  • Learn what your bigger and better life looks like AND how to create it
  • Live a day in the life of your bigger and better life
  • Spend the day doing fun things together in my favorite place

Let's spend the day together!


Hi, I'm Dorothy!

Expert on all things getting over your ex and building a bigger and better life than the one you had with your ex, in a way where no one can take it away from you again!

I can’t WAIT to meet you IRL and take you to some of my favorite local spots here on the white sandy shores of the Emerald Coast - Pensacola Beach! It’s GORGEOUS. All while getting you over your ex and masterminding all about your bigger and better life!

What's Included:

Hours: 10am - 5pm Central

Date: TBD after booking - you will have 365 days after purchasing to schedule at an agreed upon date

What's NOT included in the price?

Coaching + Feeling Lighter

Start the day at a local breakfast/coffee shop where you can get coached, ask any questions and set an intention for the day and trip that will have you feeling lighter first thing in the am.

Your Bigger & Better Life

Whether we have a beach picnic, photoshoot, boat ride, jet ski, or a beach day you’ll have a locally crafted adventure where we will continue to coach and chat all things breakup and/or your bigger and better life.

P lanning + Next Steps

You know Breakup Coach Dorothy, she’s a next steps girly so end the afternoon with an early dinner where we will finalize your next steps to creating YOUR bigger and better life.


After purchasing, a member of my team will reach out to you within the next 24-48 hours to get you scheduled!

You have 365 days after purchasing to plan your VIP experience on an agreed-upon date! If you don’t book it during that time, you will forfeit your spot and will not be refunded.

Sorry! We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Please be 100% sure you can commit to this before signing up!

Anything getting over your ex or building your bigger and better life (which is almost everything) is totally fine! Ask away! Get what you came for!

Nope! That’s a separate offer. If you do decide you want to enroll after our VIP day, I can get you a special code!



The Braveheart VIP Experience

Spend the day 1:1 with Dorothy in Pensacola Beach, FL

What's Included:

What's NOT included in the price?

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