Why You’re Not Over Him

In this week’s live I talk to you about why you’re not over him yet, which may not be what you’re thinking it is. I’ll show you how you’re AT the effect of him and what to do about it so that you have your power back, so that you can move on and get over you ex.

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How to Overcome Cheating

Today I wanted to talk about cheating or infidelity.

I want to preface this blog saying, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I want you to form your own conclusion about this topic but I wanted to call out some key things that most of us don’t talk about.

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There Are No Toxic or Negative People

Point blank. There are no negative or toxic people in the world. When you define someone as negative you are being the negative person by perceiving them as negative.

We are all born 100% worthy and lovable. That is never diminished, ever. No matter what someone does or doesn’t do.

Your ex is not a toxic person. He is a human. Just like you.

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Finding YOU After a Breakup

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled to identify who I really was.

I would move from phase to phase, for awhile I wanted to be a sk8ter girl, surfer girl, then fantasy football girlfriend, I tried on a variety of different “types”. None feeling quite right.

After my break up something happened, I lost my sense of purpose. I built this life around him and what his life was “supposed” to be that when that was gone I had to identify what I wanted in life?

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How to Focus at Work After a Breakup

Many clients come to me and one of the biggest ways their breakup is impacting other areas of their life is the ability to focus at work. They are not able to focus at work because they are so sad/depressed/miserable. Their attention is elsewhere and they can’t stop thinking/obsessing over their ex and what he may or may not be doing.

If this is you, I got you. One of my most successful clients went from physically crying and laying on the floor in her office to top employee of the year. So 1) you’re not alone, 2) there is a solution.

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How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex

Distraction isn’t working. And what about the times where you very literally can’t distract yourself? This is only a temporary satisfaction. You can only distract yourself for so long and when you just go through life trying to “find” ways to fill your time instead of filling your time ON PURPOSE to get you what you want in life, you’ll never move forward from your past.

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