How I Became a Breakup Coach

I’m going to start off by saying, as I was becoming a breakup coach I didn’t know that’s what I was becoming. Just as I’m living out my life today doing what feels right to me and that is forming me to be something in the future that I may not even know is a thing.

Almost three years ago now, my boyfriend of 6 ½  years broke up with me over a phone call while I was at a work thing in Chicago for a week. I extended my stay in Chicago for a month so that I could go get my things from our home on a weekend I knew he wouldn’t be around. When I went back to my house, all of my things were already piled in the entryway. My heart sunk, my neighbor came over and told me there was another girl at our home every night since I left.

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Does Unconditional Love Really Exist?


Your thoughts create the way you feel. Which means you can generate any feeling in the world. You choose to feel love. No one provides that feeling for you, or makes you feel loved.

You feel loved because of the thoughts and interpretations of the circumstances in your life.

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Break Through Your Break Up

A broken heart is devastating. The break is never even and there is always one person who put in a little bit more (or a lot more) effort and came out with a negative return on investment, either way both parties normally hurt and it can be difficult to get through.

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