How Do I Forgive My Ex?

So often my clients come to me and say they just want to stop thinking about their ex. They just want to feel better and stop obsessing over what it is their ex is doing or not doing. Over time, they get to a point where they want to forgive them. They ask me when is the right time for me to forgive and let go? How will I ever be able to forgive them?

The answer my friend.

Forgiveness is defined as “stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.” – From the Googles

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What To Do When You Run Into Your Ex

Nothing is worse than running into your ex unexpectedly not knowing what to do then accidentally being all awkward and weird. Maybe you hide? Maybe you act over the top trying to impress him? Maybe you make up a bunch of shit to make it sound like things are great? Typically, it doesn’t go exactly as you’d hope.

So here’s the thing,

You’ve got to plan.

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7 Tricks to Stop Stalking Your Ex on Social Media

Ladies! I hear you, I totally get it. It’s hard. I know.

But listen, the social media game has brought a whole new situation and environment that changes SO much when you’re going through a breakup. Can you even imagine what it was like for our parents when they went through a breakup? No cell phones, no constant communication. Maybe they got letters? Like in the Notebook? But they literally had no idea what their ex was doing, where they were, if they had a new relationship status. How amazing?!

The thing is, we can do that now too. I’m not saying it’s easy, but seriously, do you feel better after you do it?

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7 Ways to Survive at the Office After a Breakup

Alright ladies, most of the time at work, if someone dies, everyone is like omg I’m so sorry. Do you need to take some time off? All of the things. But when you’re grieving someone who is still alive, because of a breakup, coworkers may or may not get it.

Maybe you took some time off work, maybe you didn’t either way, here are some tips I HIGHLY suggest to show up and be your bomb badass self at work.

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Learning to Be Alone After a Breakup

Learning to be alone after a breakup can be difficult. The majority of my most difficult breakup I stayed SO busy so that I didn’t even have to deal with loneliness. I would wake up at 4:30am, head to the gym, then work, then after work activities, and I’d get home with enough time to unpack, pack lunch for the next day, have dinner, shower, and back to bed. I was with people the majority of the day and if I wasn’t, I was sleeping. And for the weekends? I legit traveled every. Single. Weekend. So that I was never alone. I had stuff planned at all times. I was avoiding negative emotion.

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What to Do When My Ex Moves on Quickly

So, you and your boyfriend broke up. A couple weeks later, you’re still working through all the mental chaos going on in your brain, still constantly thinking about him and what could have been, then all of a sudden while secretly still stalking him on social media you see,

He has a new girlfriend.

Your throat drops into your stomach, your face gets hot, you very literally feel like you might vomit and cry all at the same time.

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The 7 Best Quotes to Get Over a Breakup

In my world, quotes, phrases, stories all come down to one thing, your thoughts. They are all derived from your thinking, your beliefs about the world and what is reality to you. Our thoughts control everything. They create your feelings. Your feelings create the action and behaviors you practice and then those actions and behaviors lead to the results in your life.

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