7 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Breakup

7 questions you should ask yourself after a breakup to move forward with grace. Don’t let this breakup be something that breaks you but something that propels you forward into the next chapter of your life.

So grab your journal, a pen/pencil, get cozy and open up your heart, let it fall out onto the paper.

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Should You Take Time Off Work After a Breakup?

My first gut reaction is to tell people to take off work if they need to when going through a breakup but in all honesty the more I’ve thought about it and the more I’ve worked with my clients I more often than not urge my clients to go into the office.

As I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, going through a breakup is like grieving someone who is still alive, and in some ways that’s more difficult than grieving someone who has died.

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How to Cope With Memories After a Breakup

Sometimes after a breakup all we can do is think of all the good memories of our past relationship. Many of the things that once bothered us have vanished from our minds as if they never happened or maybe the morphed into “it wasn’t that bad” thoughts.

The truth is, our brain is a part of our human body. Just like our heart and our liver it has a job. It’s job is to think and solve problems. That’s just what it does.

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11 Books to Read After a Breakup

One of my clients asked me what books I recommend for breakups. Funny thing is, I only listened to one book on repeat after my breakup, which is the first one on my list. Literally I listened to it 32 times all the way through. I met Jen Sincero in Chicago a year later, cried, hugged her to death and thanked her for saving my life. It was that good… life changing to me. I also listened to a lot of podcasts so I’ll share those separately.

Below is a list of books that I have read/listened to on audible. I love these books and share them with my clients when it makes sense. Some of these are very well known books while others you may have never even heard of before.

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How to Feel Better After a Breakup

One of the most common issues my clients come to with is …

“I just want to feel better”

I get it, I’ve been there, you wake up and you wish it was just a bad dream. A heavy blanket falls over your body and instantly you’re like, “why do I have to start my day like this, can’t I just wake up and this not be true?”.

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