Getting Over Your Ex

WITHOUT wasting months (or years) feeling jealous, angry or unlovable

How to FAST FORWARD Getting Over Your Ex

WITHOUT wasting months (or years) feeling jealous, angry or unlovable

You will learn 3 MIND BLOWING moments

that will forever change the way you experience and think about breakups that you have never heard before

You will learn 3 MIND BLOWING moments

that will FOREVER change the way you experience and think about breakups that you have never heard before.


“This has helped me find my self worth.When you go through a breakup you tend to be hard on yourself and try to negotiate or blame yourself for what has happened. I felt unworthy and insecure before, now I have so much more peace in my life.

My life is different now because I’ve learned that no matter what obstacles life throws at me I will always come out on top, because I have the tools and love for myself to do so.”

- Allison -

“I am the woman I’ve always wanted to be because of my breakup. I put out a completely different energy into the universe now. I am more confident in who I am and what I want because of this work. I am a lot more gentle to myself, my thoughts, and my feelings. I trust the universe so much more. As a result, I’ve transformed into the woman I’ve always wanted to be.”

- Jenny -

“It’s not the age, it’s the heartbreak. 

I’m 50 and live in the UK and I was in my relationship for 40 years, I didn’t know where I was after my breakup because I had so many life plans and dreams. Luckily I found Dorothy and my life completely transformed because of the work we did together.

The breakup is what’s leading to the success I’m having right now.”

- Julie -

Who is the training for?

This video training is for two groups of people:

This free training is for individuals who are BRAND NEW in their breakup or divorce. I’m going to show you how to handle the overwhelming emotions that feel completely debilitating so you can get back to your life.

And for individuals who are months or even years out of the breakup and feel completely defeated because they’ve tried EVERYTHING google has offered. If you’ve been “waiting for time to heal” or “gone no contact” but still can’t stop thinking about them, this is the training for you. 

It’s not your fault you haven’t moved on and I’ll explain how the advice you’ve been given isn’t working, and what will!


At check out you will be prompted to create an account within the Braveheart Academy – where all videos for all 5 days can be accessed immediately (including your bonus workbook). If you forget your password you can navigate to the Braveheart Academy member login and click on “forgot password”. If you have any other questions, please email us at

Breakup Coach Dorothy has hosted 10 + 5 day trainings, some with new content, some with the same. It depends on when you attended a 5 day training, however if you’re still struggling with getting over your ex, we recommend doing this 5 day training and then signing up for her signature Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program to get individualized support and direct access to her.

Life changing tools that will completely change the trajectory of your heartbreak and your life. The logistics: 5 days of trainings/calls + daily homework to help you accomplish 5 months of healing in 5 days.

Yes and no. This is NOT a LIVE training. This is a self-paced course that we recommend you do daily for 5 days however you’ll have access to the links indefinitely. So you will not have the ability to ask your personalized questions within the course, however, she answers many of the common breakup questions during the training. You can always ask her your personalized questions when she provides a Q&A on her instagram page OR inside the Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less Program

Can’t wait to see you inside!

Sending so much love,
Breakup Coach Dorothy

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