No matter how long you were together and have been trying to heal, you can…

Get Over Your Ex

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Feel fully secure in yourself and confident in your choices – you’re no longer pining over someone who left you, you’re rapidly calling in all the things that are FOR you.

Feel fully secure in yourself and confident in your choices – you’re no longer pining over someone who left you, you’re rapidly calling in all the things that are FOR you.

Enrollment opens April 6th.
In the meantime, accomplish 5 months of healing with the 5 day training!

What people don’t like to talk about

is the embarrassing stuff we do after every significant breakup especially when he’s the one to leave.

It can have any woman, no matter her status or success in life, questioning herself and wondering about her worth.

You probably never thought you’d be “that person” who’s tracking what he’s doing on instagram or stalking his new girlfriend? You might even find you’re comparing yourself to her wondering what she has that you don’t. 

Now you’re considering all the ways you could have been more easy going or made compromises. All the things you could have changed about you, that would have kept him around. Trust me that’s not the problem.

That’s where I’m here to interrupt that thought process and get you on track to healing in a way that is a lot more practical and effective than any resource online is going to tell you it is.

You can get over your ex in 3 months or less no matter how long your relationship was.

Here are the thoughts you get to say goodbye to in the next 3 months:

I’m not good enough and that’s why he left.
I’m not attractive enough and that’s why he moved on to this new person.
I wasn’t chosen.
I’ll never find someone as great as him again.
I don’t understand what happened.

“This has helped me find my self worth."

“When you go through a breakup you tend to be hard on yourself and try to negotiate or blame yourself for what has happened.

I felt unworthy and insecure before this program, now I have so much more peace in my life.

My life is different now because I’ve learned that no matter what obstacles life throws at me I will always come out on top, because I have the tools and love for myself to do so.”


Let’s be honest
most breakup advice sucks.

Really smart women are being told to do things to heal that are keeping them stuck in this cycle of pining over someone who is no longer worth their time.

I want more for you.

If you’re feeling alone, or even a little bit embarrassed or down on yourself for how you’ve dealt with this breakup … here are some of the things my very brilliant clients have told me:

My clients admit to…

In order to get over this…
here’s what they have been trying…

What those people giving outdated advice don’t admit to is that many of them have not experienced true healing and freedom from their breakup.

They have found ways to manipulate their life circumstances to give them a sense of freedom instead of truly learning how to

get their ex out of their head so that they don’t have to avoid the feelings or situations that are outside of their control.

It’s the difference between “I just won’t have ice cream in the house” vs “reducing the desire and attachment to the ice cream so it could be in the house and I simply have no desire for it”.

Once your ex is no longer living rent free in your mind, day in and day out – you’ll be free from your ex, physically and mentally to go on and be that powerful person you already know you were meant to be.

You’re no longer attached to someone who walked out the door.

Whether or not he calls you back up in the future makes no difference because when you truly heal, anything that is for you, you know is coming your way. You feel so secure in that, you start attracting those kinds of relationships you want and deserve.

True healing means you no longer:

Instead of trying to go through yet another outdated how to get over your ex DIY approach…

Why not follow a system that has proven over and over to help my clients get over their ex in 3 months or less?

Picture this for a second:

Imagine yourself 3 months from now and the only reason your ex is on your mind is because he is the one that reached out to you and not one fiber in your being is tempted to respond.

You feel the kind of emotional security that attracts the healthiest kinds of relationships into your life. You’re finding the right people who are more than excited about who you already are.

You don’t have to compromise with them, you don’t have to worry about saying the right thing, you aren’t pretending to have hobbies and interests, you don’t have to keep them around.

Not only are you over your ex, you are over your old habits and beliefs that have kept you in these low level relationships. You have elevated your life to the level and standard, where YOU get to call in the qualities you want in a relationship. 

You feel confident enough in discerning to turn away anything that’s not for you.

You made this breakup more than a thing of the past

But it was a lesson about what you no longer tolerate in your life moving forward.

You raised yourself up in such a way that your breakup is as good as forgotten, it’s something you’ll never tolerate in your life ever again.

"I am the woman I’ve always wanted to be because of my breakup"

“I put out a completely different energy into the universe now. I am more confident in who I am and what I want because of this work. I am a lot more gentle to myself, my thoughts, and my feelings. I trust the universe so much more. As a result, I’ve transformed into the woman I’ve always wanted to be.”


I used to be in your shoes

I used to be the one pining over my ex. My relationship of 7 years ended over the phone 2 months after moving into our new home together. I was more than devastated.

The life I worked so hard for was ripped out and given to a girl he started dating immediately after we ended.

Sadness, loss, grief, anger, resentment, betrayal were all the emotions I felt for so long.

I tried all the things google offered to get over my ex.

Staying busy, traveling, getting in the best shape of my life, taking it day by day, waiting for time to heal and of course “going no contact”.

None of it worked.

Over a year went by and I still found myself…

It started to affect my new romantic relationship (obviously) and that’s when I realized …

This isn’t how life is supposed to be – I’m still not over my ex.

Finally I learned … time, staying busy, going no contact had NOTHING to do with getting over my ex.

Getting him out of my head through reducing the desire for and attachment to my ex and building a life better than the one I had with him is what got me over him.

If I didn’t desire my ex anymore...

I wouldn’t be stalking his social media, reaching out or struggling to move on in my life.

If I didn’t think my future was attached to him being in my life, I wouldn’t be so scared that I won’t have the future I so desperately wanted and worked towards with him.

And if I was truly, authentically living a life BETTER than the one I had with him, I wouldn’t be so wrapped up in what he’s up to and who he’s with.

Can you imagine that?

3 months from now you…

Are completely over your ex
No longer thinking about him everyday
Wake up and he’s NOT the first thing you think about
Secure and confident in who you are and what you want
No longer have the desire to be with him
Aren’t scared or anxious about your future life without him
Feel IN CONTROL of your life again

True freedom from your ex, physically and mentally.

THAT is what I’m saying is available to you, now, today.

Which is totally available to you.
(AND it doesn’t have to take you 1.5 years to figure it out)

She took ownership and created the life she wanted

“I feel empowered. I feel motivated. I am hopeful. I feel strong. I understand now that I am the owner of my own life, decisions and results. For a long time I just felt hopeless and went about life aimlessly. Now I have a vision and a plan and the tools that I need to create the life I want.”



The Get Over Your Ex Course {Curriculum Only Option}

The most comprehensive breakup course specifically designed to reduce desire for and attachment to your ex so that you can live a life your ex regrets leaving.

Get over your ex and build the life you thought you wanted with him – but better!

“I now have a stronger confidence in my decisions and myself."

“I have real tangible results in my life that I’m so proud of, that I didn’t know were possible after my breakup. I’ve gained a secure knowledge that I can handle anything no matter what. Pure optimism and excitement for my future.

I do things I told myself I could never do. I work out consistently, I read books, my faith has become stronger, my relationships with others have changed, I feel happy more often than I feel sad, I journal, I live without social media, I sleep without my phone in the same room, I’m so grateful for every single thing. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I live that way now.

This work has changed my life for the better, all because of a breakup.”


The Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program makes your breakup as good as forgotten

and your life even richer than when he was in your life – no matter how long your relationship was…


Create a life you’re so obsessed with, that stalking your ex’s social media or texting him never even enters your mind.


Stop your ex from living rent free in your mind all day and all night. Stop thinking about HIM more than you think about YOU.


Build a life better than the one you had with your ex in a way that feels as good as done.

Future Her
Thanked Her

“I feel strong, grounded, loved and in control of my own life and happiness. I now know that I can get through any obstacle life throws my way – and still live a great and exciting life. I no longer feel like I’m at the effect of other people’s actions.

I feel empowered, peaceful and happy. I know how to set healthy boundaries for myself, and have self-compassion when I need it. I’ve become my own best friend and lover. And that feels so good and comforting.

I’m forever grateful – for you, Dorothy, and for my past self that showed up for myself and invested in this program. This was exactly what I needed!”


It’s not the age, it’s the heartbreak

“I’m 50 and live in the UK and I was in my relationship for 40 years, I didn’t know where I was after my breakup because I had so many life plans and dreams. Luckily I found Dorothy and my life completely transformed because of the work we did together.

The breakup is what’s leading to the success I’m having right now.”


The Get Over Your Ex

in 3 months or less program!

An online experience that helps you get over your ex and build a life better than the one you had with him!

The Secret Formula to Get Over Your Ex Masterclass

If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to start after an earth-shattering breakup OR you’re feeling like you’ve tried everything google would offer you, the masterclass walks you through the signature get over your ex framework step by step, that gets you over your ex in 3 months or less. Forget outdated advice from google, learn from short, powerful, and impactful lessons that actually reduce your desire for and attachment to your ex. You’ll have lifetime access to this masterclass so you never have to worry about experiencing heartbreak again.

Retreat Calendar

This is where the concepts you’re learning turn into your reality. Reset with coaching and check in calls, reconnect with heartbreak happy hour, and rejuvenate with deep dive workshops and guest speakers. Whether you’re being the one coached or watching the coaching, you’ll never leave the session without a personal transformation. Getting over your ex becomes as good as done in these sessions.You can expect a variety of days/times for all call types (coaching, workshops, guest speakers). The schedule will be released monthly so you can put it in your calendar to attend.

Monthly Breakthrough Scorecards

Tracking progress is important to ensure you truly get over your ex in less than 3 months. At the beginning of the program you will identify how you’ll know you’re over your ex, and rate your desire and attachment on a 10 point scale.You’ll have a quantified way to measure your progress throughout the program. At beginning, middle, and end you’ll check in and report progress using a proven evaluation process and metrics to guarantee your success. No Braveheart gets left behind!

The Braveheart Community

The Braveheart community is the cheat code to heartbreak that you didn’t know you need. It gives you access to others who are going through the same thing to gain perspective support, and accountability. Feel seen and heard as you celebrate wins, have discussions, and all work towards healing heartbreak and creating lives you never knew were possible during a time that can typically feel lonely and isolating.

Unlimited Breakup Advisor Feedback

You’ll have the opportunity to get answers to all of your burning breakup questions, feedback on homework/assignments/concepts, and help with your specific breakup situations in between calls using the unlimited breakup advisor feedback. By utilizing this portion of the program, there is no way you won’t get over your ex and build a life better than the one you had with him in 3 months or less.

The Breakup Bible & Protocols

The breakup bible makes the breakup process clearer, simple and easy to understand. It gives you the activities needed to support and guide you as you go through the masterclass and learn these new tools. They help you design your breakup protocols, rewrite your breakup story and design your worthiness tree so that you know exactly what to do and when. Bonus – it starts out with a Braveheart Success Plan, you’ll know exactly what to be doing when to make the most of your 3 month experience! And at this point, who doesn’t love a physical gift with their virtual experience?! We will ship it to you (even international).

The Pep Talk Library

Need a pep talk for when you want to text your ex or maybe you just woke up and you’re feeling down? Don’t worry, have Breakup Coach Dorothy on demand through the pep talk library. There are a variety of pep talks for different occasions you find yourself in during the breakup journey. And the best part is we are always adding to the library for situations as they appear!

Emotional Clearing by Emotional Expert Dana Evans

There are many emotions taking place during heartbreak. Urgent emotions, devastation, loss, jealousy. Dana is an expert emotional clearing coach who specializes in “big” emotions and how to help them move through you. Work with her inside of the GOYE program to clear undesirable emotions during your breakup.

The Braveheart Aftercare Program

Once a Braveheart, always a Braveheart. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. Enjoy the perks of being a Braveheart Alumni. Once you graduate the program you’ll enjoy quarterly coaching calls for life as well as an alumni only community where Bravehearts are focused on maintaining their bigger and better lives. You’ll have lifetime access to these perks plus the pep talk library and workshops related to the bigger and better life!

Megan used to be in your shoes

Her ex called off her engagement and started dating her neighbor. She used the Get Over Your Ex in 3 month or less program to not only get over him but to live an epic and amazing life.

And here’s the best part

Just by learning how to feel better during a breakup without having to wait for time to go by or distracting yourself or being wrapped up in “no contact” or “contact” you’ll unlock tons of added benefits to your life!


Less second guessing yourself, more decisive decision making, no more compromising for what you really want and doubting what’s available to you in your future. Feel good about who you are, the decisions you make, and how you show up in the world. PRICELESS PERIOD.


Waking up wishing your real life was the dream is no way to live. It’s not just about the pain of the heartbreak, it’s about the constant shoulding and wishing you would have been different or done something different that adds up. Feel happier when you’ve come to peace with how everything happened within your relationship and the breakup.


When you feel good about your choices all your relationships improve, including the one with yourself. You have more to give to the people you love and more energy to create a future that excites you when you spend less time mentally beating yourself up and talking negatively to yourself. Create a relationship with you that is impermeable.


Less mental exhaustion because you’re no longer obsessing over someone you can’t control means feeling more in control of your own life. Be highly focused and attentive to do the things you DO have control over in your life. And… your job will thank you.


It’s not just the cost of the nights out with the girls, it’s all the getting your hair/nails done, eating, smoking, shopping, traveling you do to try and “feel better”. Trust me, I get it. But it adds up. Have more money because you won’t be running from your feelings or trying to constantly “fix” yourself.


It’s the mental real-estate that your ex takes up in your mind. Think about how often you spend your time daydreaming about your ex coming back or ruminating about all the things he did wrong. What would you be doing with that time if it wasn’t spent on someone who’s no longer in your life?

Who doesn't want to feel happier

Have a better relationship with themselves, have more certainty in their future, get more done, and have more money/time?

I should have already known how to do this

“I’m 49 in the US and my relationship was the first one after a 10 year marriage. It was about 3 years after my divorce. I struggled in the ending of that first relationship after divorce thinking I should have known how to do this already because I’ve experienced heartbreak so many times before. But learning this new information and working with Dorothy showed me that I never really knew in the first place.

Dorothy was so clear about how she gets her point across, she has tangible steps. You can go to therapy and talk about how you feel but not move along week to week vs working with Dorothy you move forward and get excited about your future every single day.”


Do I have enough time to build the bigger and better life?

“How do I have enough time to build a bigger and better life? I’m 56. But the thought work I did with Dorothy showed me that I CAN. No matter my age, I can always build a bigger and better life.

I made it my goal. And I DID IT!”


Meet Karilyn

An experienced coach who asked for help and got over her ex in 4 weeks!

“It does NOT matter how much you think you know about personal development because as a coach, there was still so many blind spots I had, that you just can’t get to on your own.”

Karilyn I.

In case you were wondering:

“What if I don’t want to get over my ex, I just want my ex back?”

I totally relate and get how you feel about this. What I want you to know is that your life CAN be just as amazing as it was when you had him in your life. And honestly, it can be BETTER. If you learn how to get over your ex and build a life better than the one you had with him, you won’t care if he comes back. AND honestly, when you learn how to get over him and build a better life, that’s way more attractive than living a “less than” life.

I want this to turn into YOUR decision. YOU decide if you want to be with him, not the other way around. Learning how to get over him and build the life he regrets leaving will do that for you.

Your ex is out living his life regardless of what you’re up to.

You could be crying on the couch covered in tissues, angry AF fuming about what he did and complaining to others


Becoming the most badass version of yourself getting after everything you ever wanted with him – WITHOUT him.

Your ex is out living his life regardless of what you’re up to.


It feels almost impossible right now and you might be putting all your energy and thoughts into how to get this man back … AND I’m here to tell you whether that happens or not, you putting all your energy into that is the very thing that’s keeping you from being able to call in or be ready for the type of love, relationship and future you deserve.

No one is pining over someone who just wants their ex back.

Remember; he’s the one who left and decided to stop working towards that shared envisioned future, now it’s on you to put your thoughts and energy towards building what you deserve rather than reeling on why he left and how to get him back.

“But I don’t want to create what I wanted with him on my own”

This is simply not true. What you really don’t want is to live a life where you’re at the effect of what someone else does or doesn’t do. You want a happy, healthy, and extraordinary life regardless of who’s in it. You’re just afraid it will be more difficult to do it on your own and extremely lonely (which it’s not if you follow my step by step instructions).

Here’s the thing – when I say build it on your own, I don’t mean ALONE I mean, become someone who’s no longer attached to relationships “working out”. Being emotionally free and certain about your ability to create whatever life you desire regardless of who’s in it.

Learning to do this will put you in a better position in your next relationship – whether it’s your ex or someone new. The longer you subscribe to the idea that your ex is what creates the future you’ve always wanted, the longer you’ll be at the effect of who decides to stay in your life.

Not a fun place to be.

That home, that family, that lifestyle you want and deserve to create for yourself does not require the ex who left.

You can build a future without him. And I’m going to help you do that by teaching you how to get him out of your head.

Once he’s no longer living rent free in your mind, day in and day out – you’ll be free from your ex, physically and mentally to go on and be that powerful person you already know you were meant to be.

When you’re constantly obsessing over not being able to have that life anymore (while simultaneously blaming it on your ex leaving) you’re NOT getting to work creating that future you deserve regardless of what your ex is doing.

Whether or not he’s there you get to be free and live fabulously.

“What if I really want more 1:1 advice and help?”

This is the program for you. This is a personalized approach to heartbreak. Simply because you’re in a group container does not mean you do not get 1:1 advice and help. Your advice is 100% personalized and custom to YOU at every point along your journey. While on coaching calls and when you submit for feedback from breakup advisors – the feedback is tailored to your specific situation.

With that being said, many of you feel as if you’re the only one. And trust me, I GET THAT – I felt like no one understood. And I felt like my situation was one of a kind. While that might be true, I’ve been doing this work for 4 years now and I’ve seen the craziest of stories, not just once but multiple times.

You’re not the first person who’s been cheated on, you’re not the first person who is getting over an ex from an affair, you’re not the first person who’s ex dated your ex or your best friend. You’re not the only one who works with their ex or must see them everyday.

I could go on

but I hope you realize that by having this course it normalizes and neutralizes your situation. Being able to talk about it with people who understand and get it is the cheat code to your heartbreak. It’s been that thing that’s been missing.

I promise you.

“I don’t even know where to begin, honestly...

this work has changed my life in more ways that I can count. I felt completely powerless in my life before this program. My happiness was dependent on relationships, people and specific outcomes that were completely outside of my control. I knew I was unhappy, but I didn’t know that the only person who had the power to bring me happiness was myself. That realization is the single greatest gift I have ever received. It is so empowering to realize that we can choose to feel happiness despite our circumstances.”


“I learned not to rely on a relationship

as my only source of happiness. I was always the type of girl to be in a relationship and jump from relationship to relationship. I allowed relationships to consume me and never be my own person. In fact, this is the longest I’ve ever been single since I was 15 years old (now 31), and holy shit, it is a blast! I thought that I needed a man to make me happy, in which really, I can (and have) created my own happiness.”


“The next three months are going to go by.

You can either spend those months being mired in pain and working through it by yourself or you can have Dorothy help you navigate your heart and mind and help you find peace and relief. I can’t tell you how meaningful it’s been to have a coach who cares with her whole heart and soul about me and my growth. Its also been SO helpful to have access to her in-between sessions, something you don’t get with therapy (because let’s be honest, I’ve done that too). Invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of coaching with Dorothy.”


You can and WILL get over your ex

Even if it feels impossible right now. I see you. I get it. I’m here for it all.

“Before this program I was white knuckling"

“I was white knuckling through my life trying to get over my heartbreak on my own while picking up all of the pieces of my life that felt shattered after the breakup.

I felt so defeated in all areas of my life and I couldn’t let go of the future I was so sure I would have with my ex. This program has allowed me to no longer show up as someone who feels like everything happened to me and I now fully understand and believe that everything happened for me!

I show up with grace and patience now that I have many “resources/tools in my toolbox”. This program not only helped me get over my ex, but it helped me build my confidence and show up as my best self in all areas of my life.”


Where do YOU want to be 3 months from now?

Proud that you got over your ex or regretful and disappointed that you’re still hung up on him?

You already know the answer to this question.

It’s time to try something different.

The Get Over Your Ex curriculum is the most comprehensive, fastest and effective way to guarantee yourself a life your ex regrets leaving.

You might be nervous to invest – especially into a “breakup course”.

What you’re not seeing is that this is bigger than a “breakup course”.

This is about the rest of your life.

It’s about learning to turn situations that feel so outside of your control into YOUR decision. I want YOU to be the person deciding who’s in your life or not (not your ex).

It’s about that lifestyle, that home, that family you want and deserve to create for yourself. All of that does not require the ex that left.

How much of your time has been spent on scrolling through your instagram stories looking to see if he’s seen it?

Or having fake conversations with your ex?

Or worrying about how you won’t be able to have kids or find someone as great as him?

While your ex is out living his life – you’re stuck living in your past.

Make sure the next minute you spend in life is focused on YOUR bigger and better life rather than your ex.

This isn’t a decision to spend money on a breakup program, this is a decision to invest into no longer living a less than life.

It’s a decision to invest into guaranteeing yourself a different everyday life experience than you’re having right now.

If you knew without a doubt that you’d succeed in getting over your ex and building a life you love more than you did with your ex – would you hesitate on this decision?

- no.

“There is no doubt that this program

Has changed my life. When I look back at my first session with Dorothy and then look at myself today, the progress I have made is mind-blowing.

I’m so incredibly grateful that I found this program.

I know now that I can overcome anything using the tools that I have learned. This program is the best thing you can do for yourself especially after a breakup. If you are experiencing a great deal of pain like I was, Dorothy and her program can help you. I wish everyone affected by a breakup could have the opportunity to grow from their heartbreak.”


“I was genuinely surprised by the amount of growth

I experienced in such a short time. I didn’t even know it was possible to grow this much in this little time. Working with Dorothy in her program has helped me learn to control my thoughts and thus control my emotions. I no longer feel like I’m completely owned by emotions. It’s made me a more confident and intentional person.

That is priceless.”


Meet Soribel

She got over her ex in 4 weeks and spent the rest of the program becoming someone she’s proud of. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Course work?

Lifetime access to all the materials in the course.

Just like most things in life, what you put in you get out. We recommend spending about 30 minutes a day. Getting through 1 module a week is great!

Am I the right fit?

Getting over your ex does NOT mean never being with that person again — it means

1) not being at the effect of your ex emotionally, learning indifference, reduced desire and attachment so that you no longer rely on them showing up or being a certain way for you to feel good and

2) knowing you create any result you want in your life regardless of WHOS IN your life. That life you want so desperately with your ex does not require the ex who left. Knowing this and LIVING it are two different things.

So if that’s what getting over your ex means why wouldn’t you learn to GOYE?

If you don’t do this work now and you DO get back together with your ex, it will feel unequal, uneven, and you’ll be terrified they’ll leave again and I don’t want to see you repeat those patterns over again with the same person or with someone new for that matter. 

Of course you can! If you knew you would be kind to yourself no matter what happened, would you be afraid to fail? Of course not! You’re not afraid of failure; you’re afraid of how you’ll treat yourself if you don’t get over your ex even with help. One of the most important skills you’ll learn inside this program is how to always have your back and stop beating yourself up regardless of what happens. It’s the only way to create change.

Up until this point you’ve tried to get over your ex using will power to say no to texting him back or stalking him on social media. That’s not what we do inside the Get Over Your Ex program. We learn how the brain works so that we can change our desire for our ex instead of just white-knuckling it. And when you reduce the desire for your ex completely, you no longer want to contact him or stalk on the social medias.

No. Having contact with your ex can actually be a good thing. Instead of telling yourself you can only get over your ex when he’s not around, you’ll be able to actually practice saying no, being there for yourself, and redefining your relationship with your ex in the real world! Real life doesn’t always include a clean break and a clean break is NOT required to get over your ex.

Yes. Heartbreak is heartbreak and even though your flavor of heartbreak might be different, it’s justified. This work is all about understanding why you have developed the kinds of relationships with yourself and others that has led you to where you’re at now and learning how to change it. This applies whether you were the one to leave or if you were left.

Yes. This work isn’t about deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life. It’s about giving your mind and body space from the NEED to be with a particular human to have a good life. Learning emotional responsibility and maturity will only aid you in future relationships regardless of whether or not it’s with your ex or someone else. Plus, if you do this work first (before getting back together with your ex) you’ll guarantee yourself a different kind of relationship with him rather than repeating the old patterns that created the breakup in the first place.

Anyone is welcome to participate in this program. Breakup Coach Dorothy built the program for women based on her perspective (straight, cis-gender) and what she learned in her private practice coaching predominately women. Therefore many of the lessons reflect a woman’s point of view. If that’s okay for you, we welcome you and can’t wait to meet you. If not, this may not be a good fit.

I get this! It feels soooo uncomfortable. I can totally see this for my momma bravehearts and bravehearts who take care of their parents! It can be so uncomfortable.

It’s almost like the first time you experience setting a boundary you almost feel like you did something wrong.

Putting yourself first during your breakup might feel extremely uncomfortable but let yourself experience that short term discomfort to have long term gain. It’s just like working out or sitting down to do a task you REALLY hate…. It hurts in the moment but it feels SO GOOD long term. That’s what it’s like to sign up for the GOYE program. Just the decision to do it is a transformation in itself.

What if joining now actually helped you get clearer or closer?

Meaning by joining now you’ll start learning 1) emotional maturity and 2) how to build the life you want regardless of what your partner is doing ALL while still in the relationship?

And then by doing that it helps you create an amazing beautiful breakup experience through getting clearer OR you realize you’re actually love the relationship and it creates closeness between you and your partner and saves your marriage or relationship because you no longer rely on them for your emotions or results in your life!!!!

Just saying … I’ve had many people still in their relationship join the program and it makes the whole process that much easier in the long run. 

How might you be ruining your life by NOT letting go of your ex? And there are no right or wrong / good or bad answers to this question but it’s worthy of exploring.

What happens when we don’t let go of things in our life we are meant to let go of?

In my experience shit gets tough, it gets bumpy, it feels like swimming up stream, I feel like I’m dragging someone along constantly trying to convince them to be with me or do life the way I want to, making compromise after compromise until there’s really nothing left of myself. And eventually the universe will NOT let you fuck up so it’ll end anyways. So I’d really explore that for yourself if it’s really aiding you to believe that you’re ruining your life to let go of something that’s trying to leave. 

Now there are people this course is NOT for… if you’ve identified what being over your ex means to you and you’re over your ex and you’re living your bigger and better life completely. You are not at the effect emotionally of things outside of yourself and you create any result you want regardless of who’s in your life. Zero desire for your ex and zero attachment for your ex — GOLD MY BRAVEHEART 100% DO NOT SIGN UP.

However have you ever had something that was broken in your house that you never learned how to fix or get fixed so you learned to live around it? And then all of a sudden someone new comes to your house and they go try to use that ice machine that hasn’t worked for years and you say oh no that doesn’t work here’s this ice cube tray I’ve been filling up over and over and over again to the point where maybe you’ve spent days filling up ice cube trays at this point if you added up all the time? It might be minuscule to you that maybe you don’t have that much further to go but what if it’s that last little thing that could completely change your life if you could fix it?

All of a sudden because you learned how to fix the ice cube machine not only do you not have to fill up ice cube trays, you now know how to fix something that broke in the dishwasher and didn’t have to spend money for a handy man, you didn’t have to go days without the dishwasher because you knew what to do immediately, you had built a whole new skill set you didn’t even know you needed by fixing the one ice cube machine. It’s the little things that add up over time bravehearts!

How does coaching work?

Yes! Breakup Coach Dorothy hosts the live components of the program and loves coaching you, answering your questions, and help with assignments. All you have to do is sign up for live coaching.

All the Bravehearts active in the program are invited to participate in group coaching calls. The calls are held on Zoom and you can join via phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. On these calls you can request to be coached, ask a question, and receive help on the assignments.

Only if you want. When you request to be coached live, typically your camera will be on so Breakup Coach Dorothy and you can interact. If you don’t request to be coached or receive help with an assignment, you won’t be on camera. However Bravehearts are all in this together, typically fellow Bravehearts become good friends and confidants.

Coaching is all about problem-solving. Breakup Coach Dorothy will help you identify the blind spots and obstacles getting in the way of success and strategies to overcome them. It’s about creating simple, effective solutions that you can implement right away to get over your ex.

Coaching calls happen on different days and different times to accommodate bravehearts in multiple time zones. Every call is recorded and posted on the site within 24 hours so that you can watch the replay later. Don’t worry about making it to all the calls LIVE. You’ll receive the call schedule when you join so you can do your best to accommodate.

Listen to them at your convenience! Some bravehearts in the program never attend live calls yet only watch the replays and still get over their ex.


No. Most bravehearts find that by getting over their ex and not having a need to distract/buffer from their heartbreak pain, pays for the entire cost of the course (and then some). Remember this is the curriculum only option, if you decide you want help from Breakup Coach Dorothy and you decide to join the full LIVE coaching program, you will be able to apply your payment for the course to the actual program.

Yes. You can make monthly payments. When you make your first payment, your card information will be automatically saved and the next payments will be automatically drafted from your account on the same day and time each month. If you need to update your card information later, this can be done.

No. If you show up and do the work, you will get over your ex. We don’t offer refunds so that you will go all in on the process and create the change you want.

Possibly. Check with your employer or insurance provider if you are unsure. Once you sign up for the Get Over Your Ex program you will receive an email receipt that you can include in any paperwork.

What are the fees in my currency? The fee for the Get Over Your Ex program is listed in U.S. dollars.

Who should I contact with specific questions?

If you have a question that wasn’t answered in the FAQ, feel free to email us at and we will get you an answer!

Join the Get Over Your Ex Course {Curriculum Only Option}

Enrollment opens April 6th. In the meantime, accomplish 5 months of healing with the 5 day training!

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