Get Over Your Ex
in 3 Months or Less!

Braveheart, you are NOT crazy,
you’re just heartbroken.

Next opening is December 2020

Get Over Your Ex
in 3 Months or Less!

Braveheart, you are NOT crazy,
you’re just heartbroken.

Next opening is December 2020

If you’re anything like me

You’ve tried all the things to get over him and stop obsessing over what once was.

You’ve googled “how to get over your ex” “how to forgive and let go”…
and yet you’re still…

NOT a fun place to be and I totally get it.
Your friends and family mean well but the only advice you get from them is…
…getting over him doesn’t have to “just take time”…
but, TIME has nothing to do with getting over him and moving on.
Staying busy won’t solve your problem either.

When my 7 year relationship ended (via phone) 2 months after moving into our new home together I was devastated.

I felt like the life I had longed for and built with him was taken away from me with no say in the matter.

THEN when I went to go get my things from the house 1 month later, I found out there was already a new girl living in my home.

Not only did I feel the deep sadness, loss, and grief because I was mourning someone who was still alive, I felt SO much anger and SO much resentment about him moving on so quickly.

I tried all the things google offered to get over my ex.

NONE of it worked.

A year later I was still constantly thinking about him, complaining about what he did, stalking him and his new girlfriend on social media, constantly trying to one up him.

My lingering anger and resentment started to affect my new relationships.

Old patterns of jealousy and insecurity started to creep into my relationship with my new boyfriend and I could see the same issues from the last relationship take over.

I knew something wasn’t right. I knew this wasn’t how life was supposed to be.

And that’s when I learned..

TIME, STAYING BUSY and TAKING IT day by day had
nothing to do with getting over my ex.

New decisions, commitment and practice is what got me over my ex.

Which is totally available to you.

Can you image that? — Waking up and him NOT being the first thing you think of?!

The anger and resentment melting away and being replaced with full control of your life again.

No longer jealous or insecure but genuinely happy, confident and secure in your own skin without him?

No more old patterns continuously repeating in your life.

So excited about the life you create that you don’t even think about him?

THAT is what I’m saying is available to YOU, right NOW!

You can stop WANTING him back.

Truth: Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you get where you want to be. So in order to change that, you’ve got to change the approach.

The fact is: Whether it’s been 1 week or 3 years since your relationship ended, the solution is the same.

Getting over your ex is NOT about just staying busing and taking time to heal.
It’s about REDUCING the DESIRE for your EX.

It’s about learning the skill to reduce your overall
desire to be with him.

So, imagine 3 months
from now you. . .

The get over your ex in 3 months or less program

The most comprehensive breakup program specifically
designed for getting over your ex without it just taking time.

Meet Tela

I learned not to rely on a relationship as my only source of happiness. I was always the type of girl to be in a relationship and jump from relationship to relationship. I allowed relationships to consume me and never be my own person. In fact, this is the longest I’ve ever been single since I was 15 years old (now 31), and holy shit, it is a blast! I thought that I needed a man to make me happy, in which really, I can (and have) created my own happiness.

What makes the Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less Program unique?

It offers so much more than getting over your ex!

Yes, you will learn how to get over your ex in RECORD time.

But you will also get the added support and tools to help you create the life you thought you wanted with him ON YOUR OWN (which for me was priceless).

This 3 month program offers weekly group coaching, community, unlimited coaching and support, workbooks, and practices that will help you cultivate the confidence, security, and happiness to create the life YOU want.

The transformation you’ll get goes far beyond the program.

After going through the Get over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less Program, you’ll…

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less Program!

All course materials, including video trainings, workbooks, live coaching and a Q&A forum where you get to ask Breakup Coach Dorothy all your burning breakup questions, are within the course portal.

And on top of that, you get access to an expert, me, Breakup Coach Dorothy for all of your burning breakup questions!

With the Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less Program, you’re getting over
$15,000 worth of content (it’s like Netflix but for breakups) for ONLY $1,500.


Valued at $4,997

You don't just get content... you get the support that makes

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

ValueD AT $4,500

Get coached or watch others receive coaching each week live on zoom. If you can’t make it live, watch the call replays found in the member portal.

Community and the group dynamic is the most powerful tool during heartbreak. Coming together during a time like this in your life is transformational.

It is a 100% safe environment for those struggling during heartbreak to get coached and help others going through similar experiences.

Sometimes we think we are a special snowflake but more often than not I have two or more 1:1 clients struggling with the same type of issue and would benefit from talking to one another.

Monthly 1:1 Check-Ins with BReakup Coach Dorothy

Value $1,500

To make it a no brainer even for those hesitant about groups I decided to include the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS by including the 1:1 dynamic. As a part of this program, we spend 25 minutes together each month to check-in and tackle the most pressing problems in your breakup. You choose what we spend our time on so that we are tackling the exact problems you’re facing. This is the LIFE-CHANGING work that will CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Working together on this, and getting coached, is the best way to do this work because you have me to guide you, to ask questions to as we go, and to be someone who has an outside perspective on your problems. I can so much more clearly see solutions for your problems because not only have I done all this work on myself, I’ve helped thousands of individuals just like you through it and when you’re in your own mind with your own problems, solutions just may not be so obvious.

Unlimited coaching and support with A Community Forum + Q&A answered by breakup coach Dorothy

Value $3,197

Write in any questions you have as they come up and Breakup Coach Dorothy will answer them. Get feedback on homework and assignments. And be a part of a larger group of bravehearts all turning their pain into power and their heartbreak into happy!

The Get over your ex workbook, Breakup protocols

Value $1097

To take the work deeper, you’ll receive a workbook that offers additional written homework, assignments and journal activities to do along with the program content.

Planning ahead of time for expected and unexpected events like running into your ex, or seeing him with someone new for the first time is a MUST. That’s why I’ve included pre-made protocols for you to choose from to start creating your own. 

3 Month Breakup Planner (PDF)

Value $197

With this program, you receive a downloadable 90 day breakup planner that outlines exact next steps to guide you through the 90 day journey you take during this program. This is perfect for those bravehearts who are ready for the whole life transformation and need tangible next steps to guide them alone the way.

This is THe Best Breakup Program out there! Valued at over $15,000, but you can enroll today for a special investment of only $1,500!

Next opening is December 2020

your friend, biggest cheerleader and life coach.

Getting over my ex, SAVED MY LIFE.

That’s why I’m SO pumped to offer you this program! It’s everything I wish I had when I was going through my rock bottom breakup and MORE.

I compiled everything that WORKS along with my proven method on getting over your ex without it just taking time with ALL the tools and resources into this one program FOR YOU, my BRAVEHEARTS… this is my gift TO YOU.

The Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less Program!

I know, without a doubt, that my calling is to help women heal their hearts and go on to help heal the world. I’m here to serve and lift all of you up!

My braveheart community means everything to me and I created this program to be so much more than your average breakup program. It brings transformation on all levels!

I’ve made it my mission to show you that this breakup is your next breakthrough. You will transform your life and come out ON TOP because of this heartbreak.


Not only have I personally been through heartbreak but I’ve helped thousands of women use their heartbreak to transform their life. They have created the future they thought they wanted with their ex on their own and are no longer AT the effect of someone else.

Braveheart, trust in this process and follow the steps in this program and you will 110% never be the same person again.

Saying YES to the Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months program is one of those things your future self will thank you for!

I look forward to personally meeting you inside the course!

Sending so much love,
Breakup Coach Dorothy

Want to know if the Get Over Your Ex in 3 months program is for you?

It’s a PERFECT fit for you if …

It’s a NOT a perfect fit for you if …

Meet Jessica

There is no doubt that this program has changed my life. When I look back at my first session with Dorothy and then look at myself today, the progress I have made is mind-blowing. I’m so incredibly grateful that I found this program. I know now that I can overcome anything using the tools that I have learned. This program is the best thing you can do for yourself especially after a breakup. If you are experiencing a great deal of pain like I was, Dorothy and her program can help you.  I wish everyone affected by a breakup could have the opportunity to grow from their heartbreak.

Meet Chelsey

I was genuinely surprised by the amount of growth I experienced in such a short time. I didn’t even know it was possible to grow this much in this little of time. Working with Dorothy 1:1 has helped me learn to control my thoughts and thus control my emotions. I no longer feel like I’m completely owned by emotions. It’s made me a more confident and intentional person. 

Meet Megan

The next three months are going to go by. You can either spend those months being mired in pain and working through it by yourself or you can have Dorothy help you navigate your heart and mind and help you find peace and relief. I can’t tell you how meaningful it’s been to have a coach who cares with her whole heart and soul about me and my growth. Its also been SO helpful to have access to her in-between sessions, something you don’t get with therapy (because let’s be hones, I’ve done that too). Invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of coaching with Dorothy.

Meet Aubrey

I don’t even know where to begin, honestly. . this work has changed my life in more ways that I can count. I felt completely powerless in my life before this program. My happiness was dependent on relationships, people and specific outcomes that were completely outside of my control. I knew I was unhappy, but I didn’t know that the only person who had the power to bring me happiness was myself. That realization is the single greatest gift I have ever received.  It is so empowering to realize that we can choose to feel happiness despite our circumstances.

Here’s why you need to get in The Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less Program TODAY!

At the end of the day 3 months are going to go by.

You’ll spend that 3 months totally obsessing over your ex OR getting over him for good.

In 3 months you could be totally healed from heartbreak or still ruminating over him and his new girlfriend.

In 3 months …

3 months to permanently CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I want you to take a minute to picture where you want to be in 3 months from now …

And let me ask you this …

If you keep doing the same things exactly as they are now, will you end up where you want to be?

The answer is NO!

It would be so sad if you decided to wait on this from a place of fear, and look back a few months from now with regret for not having taken action.

I don’t want that for you!

I want you to become the most AMAZING version of YOU in the days, weeks and months to come! NOW, not later and wake up in 3 months feeling GRATEFUL for the decision you made TODAY as future you!

Meet Kelly

Working with Dorothy completely changed the course of my life. I have the life I wanted now and I’m not scared to feel heartbreak again because I know that it’s ok to be sad. Dorothy helped me learn to think of myself through this program. I have a better knowledge of my own feelings and why I feel them. I can feel confident and happy on my own. I came out of this with a better understanding of who I am and the things that I need/want and I’m getting those things!

Consider what it might cost you NOT to join

If you aren’t willing to try something new. Think about what it will cost to …

Keep trying to distract yourself to feel better (travel, going out with the girls, self help books, trainers, fancy gym memberships $$)

The TIME it will take to learn it all on your own (trial and error) (PRICELESS)

Meeting the love of your life and then sabotaging it because of old patterns and comparing him to your ex (PRICELESS)

And what will it cost you emotionally?


Think about how much time you spend thinking about him when you could be enjoying your life and obsessing over everything you’re creating in YOUR LIFE?!

Think about how bad it feels starting the day feeling angry, devastated, and betrayed about everything he did.

The amount of time you spend researching how to get over your ex, how to forgive and let go.

Imagine having all that time and energy back!

You can.

Next opening is December 2020




WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I SIGN UP? You’ll be sent an email with all materials to get started and access to the client portal where you can start, asking questions, get coached, and dive into week 1 materials ASAP!

GROUP CALL TIMES: You will receive the call schedule once you sign up so you can block of those dates and times. I have bravehearts in all areas of the world, with a variety of work schedules and time zones so a scatter calls in a way that ensures everyone can find a time to join. All calls will be recorded so if you are unable to attend you will be able to rewatch at your convenience. 

1:1 CALL TIMES w/ BREAKUP COACH DOROTHY: First-come, first-serve scheduling based on schedule provided after sign up.

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