Self abandoning or self partnering

Self abandonment is something many people in the self help industry are saying and using. What if instead we focused on how we are self partnering during your breakup/divorce instead of how we self abandoned? 
In today’s episode:

  • Understand why focusing on self abandonment might be hurting you 
  • Learn what self partnering is and how to use this tool
  • Become someone who self partners to amplify your magnetic self during your glow up

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I know I deserve better but I want my ex to be better

Knowing you deserve better is one thing, but showing up like you deserve better doesn’t come as naturally as we would hope. I hear it all the time “I know I deserve better but I secretly just want my ex to BE better.”

In today’s episode:

  • Learn why we can conceptually understand that we deserve better but don’t show up differently
  • Understand what next steps you can take to receive the kind of relationship you know you deserve
  • Become someone who has a partnership they know they deserve

The How to Get Over Your Ex 5 Day Training:

The Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program:

When you want to be there already

Oftentimes while we are in the midst of a breakup or divorce we desperately hope for things to go back to the way they used to be. We want our ex to come running back, tell us they messed up and are ready to get back to normal. Have we ever considered that perhaps, even if they did that, we wouldn’t be happy? Join us in today’s episode where we talk about the 50/50 of life and how that applies specifically to breakups and divorce. 

I’m not in control in my breakup

Do you feel a lack of control in your life after your recent breakup or divorce? Join us in today’s episode where I’ll teach you how to regain control during a time that feels so out of your control.

This isn’t what I wanted

Many of my bravehearts struggle with the idea that they didn’t want this divorce or breakup. If you’re someone who finds themselves saying “This isn’t what I wanted” or “I didn’t want this divorce”, I highly recommend listening to today’s episode.

Rejection after a breakup

Let’s talk about rejection after a breakup. Many of my Bravehearts feel rejected by their ex’s, their ex’s family and/or friend group. Learn how to navigate rejection so that you won’t be scared of experiencing it again when you begin to date again.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn what rejection really is and why you don’t have to be afraid of it
  • Understand what keeps you stuck when you’re feeling rejected
  • Become immune to rejection in the future

When your ex changes their mind about what they want

It’s so difficult when all of a sudden the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with decides you’re no longer the one for them. Maybe your ex decided that marriage was no longer for them. Maybe it was kids, commitment or responsibility. In today’s episode learn what to do when your ex changes their mind about what they want and how you can handle the impact of someone else’s decision on your life.
In today’s episode:
  • Learn why someone changes their mind about you or important values in life
  • Understand how that impact on your life can be handled in a way that helps you move on quicker
  • Become someone who is no longer at the effect of your ex’s life decisions

Everything is going to be ok

We’ve all been there… you just want someone to tell you “everything’s going to be ok”. In today’s episode I’ll be showing you how everything is going to be ok and truthfully how it’ll be more than ok no matter your situation. If you’re looking for a breakup pep talk, here it is.

In today’s episode:
  • Feel certain even if you have an unknown future after your breakup/divorce
  • Understand what to do next to take care of you during
  • Become comfortable with not knowing what’s next

Sending you all the love!