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Clean pain vs dirty pain

There are two types of pain going on during heartbreak. We have clean pain which is the typical grief, sadness and loss we experience with heartbreak but I also see a secondary pain that is being compounded which holds us back from actually getting over our ex and moving on. That pain is called “dirty pain” where we tend to shame ourselves because we are even experiencing emotional suffering in the first place.

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Post traumatic growth

Post traumatic growth is something I talk about with my clients pretty often however it’s very relevant to what everyone is experiencing in the world right now so I wanted to make sure to cover it with all the Braveheart listeners. During times of trauma or crisis we can come out of it stronger and more developed than prior to the event taking place. What would it be like if you used this heartbreak as one of those moments to up-level your own personal development?

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Handling chaos during heartbreak

Overall this is a time to rise up. In 3 to 4 months from now I want you to be STRONGER I want you to come out of this like OMG what did she do?!?! This is not a time for vacation, this is not time to buffer away our lives and just eat, drink, watch Netflix and chill. It’s time to step up, to provide value to the world, to create our goals, to overcome this all, together, as one. This is the time to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for, you just haven’t seen it yet.

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How to forgive your ex

This topic is the most life changing topic for ME. This is what CHANGED the game for me after my breakup and it took me a YEAR to figure this out. So if you’re months out of your breakup YOU ARE WELCOME! Learning to forgive will be what changes it all for YOU. It has nothing to do with him, you don’t even have to have a conversation with him. Learn how to forgive and let go so that you can move on!

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Commitment and determination after a breakup

The reason this is so important is because we MUST show up as future you. Future you who is over her ex, who is THRIVING not just surviving, the woman who knows her worth, attracts what she wants in life, and makes decisions that benefit her long term not short term. The woman who isn’t constantly obsessing over her ex, stalking his and her social media. You are NOT That person. Being committed and determined and dedicated to your growth will be the difference between incremental growth vs entire life transformation. It’ll be the difference between merely surviving this vs THRIVING.

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Money and scarcity in your breakup

Going through a breakup (and obviously divorce) costs money. Not only do your expenses double but you are also struggling with scarcity around your life in general, so living in financial scarcity can be an easy subconscious decision that leads to missing opportunities to make or save more. Join me as I discuss breakups, divorce, money and scarcity with my million dollar money coach Jill Wright.

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