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How to stop the “what ifs”

Become someone who’s more consumed with finding solutions vs spending all day in their head thinking about their ex and the “what ifs”

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How to say goodbye

In today’s episode we talk about how to leave a relationship. We cover obstacles you may face and how to overcome them when deciding to leave your significant other.

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How Bravehearts got their ex back

What if your ex really was meant to be? Believe it or not, as a breakup coach, I’ve had clients that got back together with their exes. In this episode, I bring in these Bravehearts to tell you how exactly they got their second chance. Sometimes all it takes is working on ourselves to create a new, better relationship with the same person. Tune in if you’ve believe there’s still something left with your ex—you won’t want to miss their stories!

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How Bravehearts moved on after cheating

Cheating is a touchy and intense topic for those who have gone through it. In this special episode, I bring on my clients who have been on both sides of the situation. This conversation unravels the topics of dealing with anger, the true meaning of forgiveness and how to let go of something even if you don’t believe what happened was right.

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How Bravehearts got over the ex they left

We always talk about the dumpee but not the dumper. The truth is, there is still plenty of pain in breaking up with someone, just as there is in being broken up with. In this special episode, I interview my former—and healed—clients who were the ones that got away. This episode talks about the perspective, personal stories, and regret that come with leaving someone you loved.

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How to get over your ex for good

Living your life heartbroken is miserable. How are we supposed to be our best selves when we’re consumed with thoughts about someone else? As a breakup coach who has helped thousands, I am certain that healing is possible for every one—but most of us aren’t given the right tools. Freedom from pain begins when you prioritize healing your heart.

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