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It’s my fault my ex left

Tune in to learn how to stop ruminating and overthinking about how you might still be together if only you had done something differently. It’s a simple shift. You’re one thought away from knowing it wasn’t your fault and it never will be.

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Lessons learned from my exes

In this episode, join Breakup Coach Dorothy as she unpacks her previous exes and what she’s learned from each of them. From selflessness to good sex, we cover it all today. And of course, she’ll leave you with the next steps on how to do this for yourself so you can leave feeling fulfilled regardless of how many relationship endings you’ve had.

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Your internal beliefs are stronger than your breakup

Today, learn how to make your internal beliefs stronger than your breakup.

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Breakup protocols

Today, I’m teaching you the ins and outs of this iconic tool in the Get Over Your ex program.

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Before, during and after – Carol’s Heartbreak Journey

You’re going to see and experience a beautiful deep dive into Carol’s journey, before, during and after being in the Get Over Your Ex program.

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BONUS: 4 breakup workshops you don’t want to miss out on!

Join us inside as we tackle, thoughts about the ex, urgent emotions, closure, believing new thoughts in a way that sticks, and a never seen before tool called "The Why Game".

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