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How do I accept my breakup?

Accepting the reality of a breakup when you didn’t want it in the first place is such a big pill to swallow. Today I’m
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What to do when you live with your ex

Sometimes we must live with an ex before we can move out. It can be difficult watching your ex go on and live their
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Dreams about your Ex

Dreaming about your ex is bound to happen. The interesting part is what you do when you wake up from the dream. Too many
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I’m a complete failure

As a society we have gotten used to using the word “failed” when speaking about a completed marriage or relationship. This has led many
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My ex wasn’t who I thought they were

Married and now after years of dating they no longer want that. Or maybe they’ve had a hidden life the entire time you’ve dated.
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How to do grief differently w/ Krista St. Germain

Grief is a natural part of life. During heartbreak it feels heavy sometimes almost debilitating. Join us in today’s episode with expert grief coach
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