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Hating your ex

Sometimes it feels easier to hate your ex. Hating that person might seem easier than loving someone who no longer wants to be with you. But how’s the one left experiencing negative emotion when you hate on your ex? You.

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My ex and I had the deepest connection

Join us as we talk about how connection, attraction, and chemistry is the perceived problem but not the real problem in this situation. I’ll explain what’s actually happening and how to create real connection, intimacy and chemistry with someone else other than your ex.

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It recently hit me, why do we ask others when a deadline is for something WE desire? Why do we leave it up to someone else to decide when we start or finish something that is important to us?

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Being friends with your ex

Is it wrong to be friends with your ex? Can it happen? How can I be friends with my ex? Should I be friends with my ex? How do I know? What do I do if my ex wants to be friends? All questions answered in this podcast where we talk all about being friends with an ex.

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What is your limit Braveheart?

In this episode episode is inspired by multiple DMs I’ve received regarding feeling like you’re over your ex and on to building a bigger and better life but don’t feel over the moon about everything IN your life.

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I’ve been wasting your time

In this episode learn about what it’s like to be a part of the braveheart community while healing from heartbreak from two Bravehearts who got the support they didn’t know they needed.

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