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What to do with rejection

I’ll be giving you the real explanation of this along with, of course, the HOW do we implement this into our life though.

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Loving yourself during your breakup

Loving yourself is not the equivalent of self-care. We can take all the actions in the world and do self-care routines but if we don’t change our brains we don’t change the feelings.

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What he’s saying isn’t true

What he’s saying about you doesn’t have to be your truth. Just because he says "You don't make me a priority" "You're crazy, you need to stop acting like I'm the problem, you're the problem" "You're a hypocrite" "You were the one that messed up" "You're just seeking attention" -- doesn’t mean it’s your reality.

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Cracking open your pain

On today’s episode I bring on my client Megan who talks about her experience of living and LEANING into her heartbreaks of life and coming out on the other side fully HEALED. She rewrote so many stories to end old patterns, got over her ex, dated healed, bought a new home, and SO MUCH MORE!

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True heartbreak transformations

In this week’s episode hear from 5 bravehearts who are between week 5 and 12 of working together and their experience in recently getting over their ex.

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The next chapter

Hear from 5 of my clients who have worked with me from 9 months to a year and a half! We talk about what led them to coaching, who they are in comparison to who they used to be. The results they have created in their life BECAUSE of their heartbreak and their most important words of wisdom.

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