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How your breakup impacts future relationships

Special guest, Katrin Berndt, the coach of grumpy girlfriends joins us to talk about hurting and healing when it comes to being in a relationship. We talk about breakup baggage, how to learn from the breakup to make your next relationship better, and so much more.

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Too far gone

Hear from two Braveheart Alumni who talk about their heartbreak experience navigating heartbreak, devastation, and built a relationship with themselves that no one could ever take away.

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Compound healing and results from a breakup

In this episode, Braveheart Samantha shares her journey of getting over her ex, building self confidence, and becoming a woman she’s proud to be. Her healing and results have compounded through continuous coaching and it all started from a breakup.

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I miss everything about my ex

Learn how to let go of “missing” your ex by learning the truth behind what missing your ex actually means about you, your breakup, and your future.

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It’s just the beginning

Your breakup is just the beginning. The beginning of a life that is bigger and better than the one you had with your ex. It’s just the beginning to all of your wildest dreams coming true. This is true for so many of my bravehearts and I want it to be true for you too.

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Manifesting your next partner

I bring on a special guest, Madi Maple who is a pro at manifesting. We talk about manifesting your next partner, what is required for us to do that, and what that looked like for her.

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