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Turning pain into power

“He’s not hurting” “He’s not upset” “He didn’t choose me” “He didn’t love me” “I’m always replaced” “He’s not the same person” -- All very real statements my bravehearts come to me with. They feel like its all SO true. And when they do, it creates so much pain for them. So I’ve created an episode that will be a GAME CHANGER for any of you who feel like your pain is so heavy. Let’s turn your pain into power!

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Confidence after your breakup

After a breakup rebuilding confidence is SO important. This week I’ve invited a special guest, expert confidence coach Christina Kwan to talk to us about confidence specifically related to after a breakup.

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Creating closure for yourself

Oftentimes we leave closure up to someone else. We think we need to have a conversation with our ex but closure isn’t what we think it is. And we have the power to create it for ourselves. Stop giving away your power and learn how to close this chapter on your own without his input.

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How to stop competing with your ex

Why does it seem like we are in constant competition with our ex? We were once a team and now all of sudden I feel like I’m losing at life. Comparison is normal however I’m seeing with my clients that we use it against ourselves instead of to help us.

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Opportunities in your breakup

When we choose to find limitations in our life we will find limitations. It’s so hard to see opportunities and possibilities in the midst of heartbreak but doing so can be the difference between you staying stuck in heartbreak or finding the life you’ve always wanted.

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Toxic people and relationships

I often hear people talking about others as “toxic” or a relationship was “toxic” when in reality there are no toxic people, only toxic thoughts. And when we choose to think of someone as toxic, we are only doing ourselves a disservice.

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