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The cause of your breakup is also the cure

In today’s episode learn how this is true for you and what you can do to find more peace amidst the heartbreak and take control of your healing.

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I work with my ex

In today’s episode learn how to handle the terrain of working with an ex whether virtual or in-person this is your moment to shine and show up as the badass braveheart you are regardless of who you work with.

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When it felt so right

In today’s episode, learn why it felt so right, why that’s not a problem, and how to find out what’s right for right now.

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BONUS: A Vday Gift [Braveheart Festival]

A gift for you my bravehearts!

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I wasn’t worth fighting for

Today, we talk about how to drop the idea that you weren’t worth fighting for and show you how to stand up and fight for the life you actually wanted.

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Compassion blankets

Today, learn a tool called “compassion blankets” that provides you relief in the midst of pain while you navigate your breakup.

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