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The learn to love your loneliness experiment

I don’t know about you, but for me, I did everything I could to not be alone after my breakup. I was busy during the week and ensured I was away for the weekend so I wouldn’t be alone with my thoughts. I didn’t want to feel lonely. I hated feeling lonely and even felt it when I was in a crowd of people. Learn how to love your loneliness through this new experiment.

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Time has NOTHING to do with getting over him

Time has nothing to do with getting over your ex. Most people will say, “it’s just going to take some time for your heart to heal” but I’m here to tell you that’s ALL WRONG. After going through my own experience and spending years of helping women through breakups and divorce I know without a doubt time has nothing to do with it, but I know what does. Join me today as I explain this concept and what you can do about it.

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Valentine’s day is neutral

Valentines day is neutral, what are you making it mean? Are you dreading the day? Are you content about the day? Are you excited about the day? How are you thinking and feeling about valentines day and what kind of experience will be created because of that? Learn how and why valentines day is neutral and how to create and decide your experience for the day AHEAD of time!

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Why is he not hurting?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions on consultations. We think that him moving on or him acting like everything is fine equates to him not hurting. But that’s simply not true.

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I just want to feel better

Immediately following heartbreak we often just want to feel better, the pain coming from the end of the relationship can be so overbearing. But what if I told you that by switching “I just want to feel better” to something else, you would find so much relief?

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Overwhelming memories of him

Memories are sentences in our brain ABOUT our past. Not everyone will have the same thoughts about the past but after a breakup those thoughts and feelings that come with the past can be overwhelming. Often times we feel at the effect of our emotions in that moment but I promise you, YOU have control.

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