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Breakup protocols

Today, I’m teaching you the ins and outs of this iconic tool in the Get Over Your ex program.

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Before, during and after – Carol’s Heartbreak Journey

You’re going to see and experience a beautiful deep dive into Carol’s journey, before, during and after being in the Get Over Your Ex program.

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BONUS: 4 breakup workshops you don’t want to miss out on!

Join us inside as we tackle, thoughts about the ex, urgent emotions, closure, believing new thoughts in a way that sticks, and a never seen before tool called "The Why Game".

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I should have seen it coming

No one goes into a relationship expecting it to end. Telling yourself “I should have seen the red flags” or “I missed something” only keeps you feeling like there’s something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. No part of you needs to be fixed, all that needs to happen is self-acceptance.

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Bonus: Don’t let your mind’s excuses keep you from a life your ex regrets leaving

It’s not just about getting over him. It’s about creating a life better than the one you had with him. Maybe even creating a life your ex regrets leaving. Because when you build that beautiful epic amazing life, it doesn’t even matter to you if he regrets it. That, my Braveheart, is priceless.

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Creating security and stability after a breakup

In today’s episode learn how to go from feeling forgotten to fully supported, seen, secure, stable, and 100% taken care of regardless of your relationship status.

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