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Why you’re not over your ex 2.0

Learn how to reduce the desire you have for your ex to treat the root cause of your breakup instead of breakup symptoms.

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When your ex comes back

Learn not only what to do when your ex comes back and how to handle that situation but more importantly what to do in the meantime before your ex gets back.

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Getting back out there

Learn the 3 step process to getting back out there once you’ve healed and are ready to begin dating again. Episode was inspired by Braveheart Rachel - one of the first of many questions to be answered from the Braveheart Hotline!

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Healing while in a new relationship

Meet Joumana and Jocelyn, as we discuss what it’s like to get over your ex and build a life bigger and better than the one you had with your ex, while in a new relationship.

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When to start dating

We talk about my recommendations on when to start dating again, how to get excited about dating, when to start, how their dating experiences are going, and so much more. You won’t want to miss out on their nuggets of advice around dating!

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We’re Back BRAVEHEARTS – Season 2

NEW NEW NEW - Brand new content and features are happening over here at Breakup Coach Dorothy LLC. Excited to bring you more integrated approaches to healing heartbreak as well as more content relating to your “next chapter”!

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