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A message for Bravehearts as you begin this new chapter

Happy New Year Bravehearts! Here’s a simple and profound message for your new year OR your new chapter (regardless of what time of year
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Everything is going to be ok

We’ve all been there… you just want someone to tell you “everything’s going to be ok”. In today’s episode I’ll be showing you how
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How are you doing?

When you’re going through heartbreak the question “how are you doing?” is a complicated question. Do you tell them the truth? Do you just
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Bonus: Does God/Universe pick your partner

In today’s episode, Braveheart Alumni Kara will share her breakup journey which included her strong faith. Which had her constantly hoping and holding out
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Urgent emotions

Have you ever felt the pure panic of “something must be done”? The urgent emotions where you do everything in your power to “fix”
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How to co parent with an ex

Are you having a difficult time co parenting with your ex? Perhaps you’re triggered by the good things your kids say about your ex
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