3 reasons it’s important to prioritize getting over your ex

Getting over an ex doesn’t “just happen”. Specific steps are taken consciously or unconsciously that get us over an ex. The interesting thing is that getting over a breakup or divorce is not seen by society as “important” like grieving a death but there are so many components that are the same. 
In today’s episode:
  • Understand what’s keeping the world from prioritizing heartbreak
  • Learn how to prioritize your breakup/divorce in a world that doesn’t
  • Become fearless in your heartbreak journey through clarity about why it’s important
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Undefined relationships are relationships

Were you in a “situation-ship” that’s ended and now you’re left feeling heartbroken and ashamed that you feel so miserable when it wasn’t a defined relationship? Today, Braveheart Miranda and I discuss what heartbreak is like when you are going through a breakup of an “undefined” relationship. 

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to create closure without a breakup conversation

  • Understand why anger feels productive after the ending of a situation-ship

  • Become connected with yourself so much so that you don’t reach outside of yourself anymore for validation, worth, or comfort