How to get over a breakup in your 60s

In today’s episode, Breakup Coach Dorothy and guest Stephanie talk about dealing with a breakup in your 60s. Stephanie joined the Get Over Your Ex program after a breakup with her partner of 9 years. Join them as Stephanie discusses her journey from losing her voice and walking on eggshells in her previous relationship to transforming herself, having a healed mindset, doing what’s best for herself and living her life from a new point of view.

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I wish I could celebrate with my ex

In today’s episode we talk about navigating celebrations post-breakup. The host shares personal experiences and coaching stories, highlighting the struggle of wanting to share successes with an ex-partner who was once a part of those achievements. The episode emphasizes the coexistence of excitement and disappointment after a breakup, advocating for honesty about one’s emotions. It encourages redefining celebration beyond past traditions and projecting positivity to create meaningful moments. Leave this episode knowing exactly how to navigate celebration amidst heartbreak.

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The secret to feeling completely neutral about your ex without having to go “no contact”

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What to do when you miss your ex

In today’s episode we talk about the intricate process of dealing with the common and often overwhelming feeling of missing your ex. With a warm and relatable approach, we explore the specific steps to regain control over your emotions and find acceptance and peace within minutes.

Say goodbye to the elusive grip of missing your ex and learn how to move forward with clarity and confidence. Share this episode with someone who needs this wisdom and don’t forget to subscribe for more valuable insights on turning heartbreak into happiness.

Another episode about “I miss everything about my ex”:

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Breakup anxiety with Georgie Collinson

In today’s episode, Breakup Coach Dorothy and anxiety mindset coach Georgie Collinson talk about anxiety in relationships, breakups and in life. As a recovering perfectionist and proud high-achiever, Georgie was once a prime example of high-functioning anxiety and now helps women master their anxious minds and achieve unshakable inner confidence.

Join them as they discuss a holistic mind-body approach to overcome anxiety and stress through the thoughts you think, the food you eat, your gut health, and your hormones.

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Getting over an ex while co parenting

In today’s episode, Breakup Coach Dorothy and guests Natalie and Kyra talk about the struggles of co-parenting with an ex, expectations about their roles as mothers, detaching from “what should be”, being comfortable with duality, and finding a support system.

Join them as they discuss changing their narratives as parents co-parenting with an ex.

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I’m scared to get over my ex

Today we talk about overcoming the fear of moving on from an ex. You’ll discover the distinction between different types of desires, along with practical strategies to reduce desire in your brain. The episode highlights desire as the root cause of most breakup-related problems, leading to compulsive like behaviors. Fear not; reducing desire doesn’t equate to vilifying your ex or giving up on your dreams but rather focusing on the desired outcome itself.

This episode offers hope, guidance, and a path to healing for those navigating heartbreak. So, tune in and remember, reducing desire for your ex is not a daunting task; it’s a step toward a brighter future where you’re in control.

How to stop worrying in your breakup

In today’s episode we talk about the damaging effects of worry and why it’s particularly common during breakups. Worry is often an unproductive behavior, yet it’s something many of us engage in regularly. Our braveheart community has shared their worries about breakups, ranging from the fear of being alone forever to concerns about future relationships, settling for less, and more.

We explore practical methods to stop worrying. Leave this episode knowing exactly what you can do to end all worry in your breakup for good.

A simple breakup tool that you can use today for immediate relief

Today’s episode offers a straightforward yet effective strategy for alleviating breakup pain and propels individuals into action when they’ve been feeling stuck. Discover the simplicity of this technique as we guide you through its steps and share real-life examples of its effectiveness, providing you with an immediate sense of relief and empowerment.

Tune in to equip yourself with this valuable tool and take your first step toward healing—because you don’t have to face heartbreak alone. Subscribe now and let’s embark on this journey together.

Being mean to yourself is not required to get over your ex

In today’s episode we explore a topic that has a significant influence on our life. Breakup Coach Dorothy encourages you to embrace a tool that fosters empowerment and personal growth rather than falling victim to a very common collective idea.

Prepared to shift your focus from problems to solutions by emphasizing the control we have in influencing ourselves and taking decisive action towards neutrality and indifference.

Learn the counterintuitive technique that has you going from disappointed in yourself to in control of yourself.