I want my ex to see how great I am now

Now that you’ve learned that thoughts create feelings and you’ve been working on yourself since the breakup, you want your ex to see how well you’re doing. Maybe if they saw great you were doing they would want to come back? Or at the very least they would prove to them that you learned and are doing great after the breakup. 

In today’s episode:

  • Learn what the real problem is in wanting your ex to see how great you’re doing because it’s not what you think it is
  • Understand the one thing you need to do that will ensure your ex witnesses how great you are
  • Become the version of you that doesn’t even care if your ex notices

The More than Move On Mindset – build a life your ex regrets leaving

It’s not about the “doing” when it comes to getting over your ex. It’s about the “being”. Learning to “be” the powerhouse you already are. Learning to “be” the powerful, purposeful and peaceful self that already exists inside of you is where it’s at. And that comes from changing your brain. Literally changing the neuro pathways that have been embedded in you since you started your relationship with your ex. Changing the brain may feel effortful right now but that doesn’t mean it can’t be effortless.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn let changing the stories you’ve been telling yourself for so long doesn’t have to be effortful forever
  • Understand what’s been keeping you from making this new belief system effortless
  • Become someone who more than moves, she builds a life bigger and better than the one she had with her ex

How do I get to the point of “wanting” to get over my ex?

“Wanting” to get over your ex is the first step to actually getting over your ex. For some of us this step is more difficult than others. You may be someone who knows they shouldn’t want to be with this person but they feel addicted to them.. Or maybe you’re the person who truly thinks your ex is the most amazing human on the planet and that keeps you from committing to truly getting over your ex. Regardless, learning to decide to get over your ex because you want to is important.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn the secret mind hack I’ve used with myself and many clients to get yourself to a place of “wanting” to get over your ex
  • Understand what’s been holding you back from “wanting” to get over your ex
  • Become the version of yourself that commits to truly getting over their ex and building the life that’s bigger and better than the one they had with their ex

How do I accept my breakup?

Accepting the reality of a breakup when you didn’t want it in the first place is such a big pill to swallow. Today I’m going to go into the specifics around acceptance. I’ll show you why acceptance doesn’t have to be something difficult or scary and exactly how to get there.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn what’s keeping you from acceptance
  • Understand the key components of creating acceptance
  • Become the version of you that finds acceptance and is able to move forward

What to do when you live with your ex

Sometimes we must live with an ex before we can move out. It can be difficult watching your ex go on and live their life like nothing’s wrong while you’re completely devastated. Today I’ll show you the ins and outs of what it’s like to live with an ex and how you can navigate this sort of short term situation. 

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to remain confident in yourself while living with an ex
  • Understand how living with your ex can actually catapult your healing
  • Become immune to what your ex says and does before moving out

Dreams about your Ex

Dreaming about your ex is bound to happen. The interesting part is what you do when you wake up from the dream. Too many of my Bravehearts spend countless hours ruminating about what the dream meant or wallowing in how they feel after waking from the dream. But here’s the simple solution when you’re feeling alarmed by the dreams you have about your ex.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn why you’re dreaming about your ex 
  • Understand what to do with the dreams you have about your ex
  • Become someone who doesn’t spiral into negative emotions after dreaming about your ex

I’m a complete failure

As a society we have gotten used to using the word “failed” when speaking about a completed marriage or relationship. This has led many of my Bravehearts to believe that the ending of their relationship means “they are a failure”. No matter how many completed relationships you’ve had, telling yourself you’re a failure won’t get you closer to the kind of relationship you actually want.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn why your divorce/breakup doesn’t mean you’re a failure
  • Understand what a divorce/breakup actually means about you
  • Become someone who changes the narrative around divorce/breakups 

Cool article about the history of marriage sited in the episode: https://www.livescience.com/37777-history-of-marriage.html

My ex wasn’t who I thought they were

Married and now after years of dating they no longer want that. Or maybe they’ve had a hidden life the entire time you’ve dated. Either way – being stuck on how he wasn’t who you thought he was is super frustrating.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn why we get super fixated on who our ex was or wasn’t after a breakup
  • Understand what we can do about it
  • Become who you want to be regardless of who your ex is

How to do grief differently w/ Krista St. Germain

Grief is a natural part of life. During heartbreak it feels heavy sometimes almost debilitating. Join us in today’s episode with expert grief coach Krista St. Germain. She coaches widowed moms and will talk to us today about post traumatic growth and a new way of handling grief during heartbreak.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn the basics about grief in a way you’ve never heard before
  • Understand what it would look like to use post traumatic growth in your heartbreak
  • Become the kind of person who moves through grief differently

Find Krista St. Germain here: https://www.coachingwithkrista.com/

Productive problem solving during your breakup

“I wasn’t enough” “I will never be enough” “he’s become the man I always wanted and now I’ll never find a partner as good as him” – these are common thought patterns that happen in breakups and divorce. In today’s episode learn to how turn these common thought patterns into productive problem solving to help you create a life bigger and better than the one you had with your ex.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn what productive problem solving in your breakup is and why you haven’t been doing it
  • Understand how not using productive problem solving is hindering your progress
  • Become someone who uses their default thought patterns to their advantage to problem solve in a way that creates a life their ex regrets leaving