How to Get Over Your Ex Training

build a life your ex regrets leaving

That home, that family, that lifestyle

you want and deserve to create for yourself does not require the ex who left.

You can build a future without him. And I’m going to help you do that by teaching you how to get him out of your head.

Once he’s no longer living rent free in your mind, day in and day out – you’ll be free from your ex, physically and mentally to go on and be that powerful person you already know you were meant to be.

When you’re constantly obsessing over not being able to have that life anymore (while simultaneously blaming it on your ex leaving) you’re NOT getting to work creating that future you deserve regardless of what your ex is doing.

Whether or not he’s there you get to be free and live fabulously.

Remember; he’s the one who left and decided to stop working towards that shared envisioned future, now it’s on you to put your thoughts and energy towards building what you deserve rather than reeling on why he left and how to get him back.

Your ex is out living his life regardless of what you’re up to.

You could be crying on the couch covered in tissues, angry AF fuming about what he did and complaining to others.


Becoming the most badass version of yourself getting after everything you ever wanted with him
- WITHOUT him.


It feels almost impossible right now and you might be putting all your energy and thoughts into how to get this man back … AND I’m here to tell you whether that happens or not, you putting all your energy into that is the very thing that’s keeping you from being able to call in or be ready for the type of love, relationship and future you deserve.

No one is pining over someone who just wants their ex back.

Trust me, if your ex comes back and you haven’t done this work …

Things will feel uneven, unequal, and you will feel terrified that at any moment he could leave again.

Why hold out for a relationship that feels insecure when you could be building a secure life that calls in the type of love and relationship you deserve.

This is great news, no matter what your ex is doing and whether or not you’re together you can still create the life and future you deserve for yourself. And it’s not as difficult or lonely as you think … as long as you have a clear map on what to do and when to do it that you can follow at any time.

How much of your time has been spent on scrolling through your instagram stories looking to see if he’s seen it?

Or having fake conversations with your ex?

Or worrying about how you won’t be able to have kids or find someone as great as him?

While your ex is out living his life – you’re stuck living in your past.

I promise you, even though it may feel like it, now is NOT the time to stop going after the life you wanted with your ex. Your life is not over, it’s only just begun.

It’s time to double down, commit to yourself that you’re going to make it happen,

No. matter. what.
- no ex required

“But I don’t want to create what I wanted with him on my own”

This is simply not true. What you really don’t want is to live a life where you’re at the effect of what someone else does or doesn’t do. You want a happy, healthy, and extraordinary life regardless of who’s in it.

You’re just afraid it will be more difficult to do it on your own and extremely lonely (which it’s not if you follow my step by step instructions).

Here's the thing

When I say build it on your own, I don’t mean ALONE I mean, become someone who’s no longer attached to relationships “working out”. Being emotionally free and certain about your ability to create whatever life you desire regardless of who’s in it.

Learning to do this will put you in a better position in your next relationship

- whether it’s your ex or someone new.

The longer you subscribe to the idea that your ex is what creates the future you’ve always wanted, the longer you’ll be at the effect of who decides to stay in your life.

Not a fun place to be.

And this is exactly why I’m hosting a 5 day training for heartbroken humans who didn’t want the breakup in the first place:

“5 Months of healing in 5 days”

In this 5 day training, you’ll learn how to 1) stop constantly thinking about your ex so that you have time and mental clarity to 2) craft and actually create the life your ex would regret leaving

The Specifics We’ll Cover:

5 DAY training DETAILS:


This event is a 5 day training, it will be held over 5 sessions on 5 days. The material is different on each day, you will want to attend all the sessions LIVE.

Monday, February 12th to Friday, February 16th

at 1:00pm ET/12:00pm CT/11:00am MT/10:00am PT

Day 1

Why you’re constantly thinking about your ex and how to finally stop.

Day 2

Letting go of the “hurt” that haunts you day in and day out.

Day 3

How to reduce the desire for and attachment to your ex.

Day 4

Creating closure even if your ex isn’t talking to you.

Day 5

How to guarantee yourself a life your ex regrets leaving.

Different concepts will be covered in all of the 5 sessions so you’ll want to watch all of them to maximize the impact. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded so that you have more than 24 hours to catch up if you can’t make it live.


Our private Zoom room. The link will be emailed to you prior to the first session. The link will also be available inside of the Braveheart Academy portal (which is where the replays will also be posted – you will gain access to this portal closer to the event).

Who it's for:

Any heartbroken human who’s struggling to get over their ex. Who desires to have a life better than the one they had with their ex and is ready to do something about it.

“This has helped me find my self worth."

“When you go through a breakup you tend to be hard on yourself and try to negotiate or blame yourself for what has happened.

I felt unworthy and insecure before this program, now I have so much more peace in my life.

My life is different now because I’ve learned that no matter what obstacles life throws at me I will always come out on top, because I have the tools and love for myself to do so.”


Thinking about doing life without your ex can feel scary.

You probably think it’s going to be difficult and lonely building a life your ex regrets leaving on your own, but this 5 day training will finally give you step by step tools that will obliterate your fear and provide you with a sense of security while showing you that building that bigger and better life doesn’t have to be lonely nor difficult.

Without your ex, it actually gets easier.

My signature Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program sells for $3,000 and includes lifetime access to the breakup masterclass course, a monthly retreat calendar, Braveheart community, Breakup expert feedback, monthly breakup breakthrough scorecards, and the breakup bible.

But you can join me for this live 5 day event for FREE!

I spent $47,359 and 547 days trying to get over my ex. You don’t have to.

Your future self will thank you!

“I now have a stronger confidence in my decisions and myself."

“I have real tangible results in my life that I’m so proud of, that I didn’t know were possible after my breakup. I’ve gained a secure knowledge that I can handle anything no matter what. Pure optimism and excitement for my future.

I do things I told myself I could never do. I work out consistently, I read books, my faith has become stronger, my relationships with others have changed, I feel happy more often than I feel sad, I journal, I live without social media, I sleep without my phone in the same room, I’m so grateful for every single thing. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I live that way now.

This work has changed my life for the better, all because of a breakup.”


Hey! I’m Breakup Coach Dorothy and I’m going to help you get over your ex without it
“taking time”.

I’m not the breakup coach that’s going to tell you “it takes time” “stay busy” or “go no contact”. I want to treat the root cause of the problem, not your breakup symptoms.

The root cause is simple. You still have the desire for your ex or you feel like your future is attached to him being in your life. I teach and implement a simple 4 step process that reduces desire and attachment for your ex. When you no longer desire him and your future doesn’t feel attached to him being in your life, you’re free to build a life bigger and better than the one you had with your ex – further reinforcing that you no longer need your ex.

If you’re sick of addressing breakup symptoms and want to get over your ex for good and guarantee yourself a life your ex regrets leaving, you must come join me!

"I am the woman I’ve always wanted to be because of my breakup"

“I put out a completely different energy into the universe now. I am more confident in who I am and what I want because of this work. I am a lot more gentle to myself, my thoughts, and my feelings. I trust the universe so much more. As a result, I’m transforming into the woman I’ve always wanted to be.”


She took ownership and created the life she wanted

“I feel empowered. I feel motivated. I am hopeful. I feel strong. I understand now that I am the owner of my own life, decisions and results. For a long time I just felt hopeless and went about life aimlessly. Now I have a vision and a plan and the tools that I need to create the life I want.”


Future Her Thanked Her

“I feel strong, grounded, loved and in control of my own life and happiness. I now know that I can get through any obstacle life throws my way – and still live a great and exciting life. I no longer feel like I’m at the effect of other people’s actions.

I feel empowered, peaceful and happy. I know how to set healthy boundaries for myself, and have self-compassion when I need it. I’ve become my own best friend and lover. And that feels so good and comforting.

I’m forever grateful – for you, Dorothy, and for my past self that showed up for myself and invested in this program. This was exactly what I needed!”


In case you were wondering:

“What if I don’t want to get over my ex, I just want my ex back?”

I totally relate and get how you feel about this. What I want you to know is that your life CAN be just as amazing as it was when you had him in your life.

And honestly, it can be BETTER. If you learn how to get over your ex and build a life better than the one you had with him, you won’t care if he comes back. AND honestly, when you learn how to get over him and build a better life, that’s way more attractive than living a “less than” life.

I want this to turn into YOUR decision. YOU decide if you want to be with him, not the other way around. Learning how to get over him and build the life he regrets leaving will do that for you.

“What if I really want more long term 1:1 advice and help?

If you want more in-depth support and help, a community of like minded women all working on the same thing and more 1:1 advice – this program is a better fit.

No refunds for this 5 day training will be granted for any reason. Remember, the sessions will be recorded. You’ll still learn a ton from watching the recordings several months later after the live event is over.

I highly recommend making room on your calendar to attend live so you can ask questions live!

As a heterosexual female I can only speak from that experience, the majority of my clients are heterosexual females. I use the he/him pronoun in many of my examples. The concepts still stand for all genders and sexual orientations however I completely understand that what I say isn’t always going to resonate or fit all types of relationships. If you are uncomfortable with my use of the he/him pronoun being used, this may not be the masterclass for you.

I want to be as inclusive as possible and will try my best to accommodate but also recognize that maybe my best isn’t always “the best”.

If you’re not really sure whether this 5 day event is right for you, reach out to us at, and someone will get back to you ASAP!

It’s not the age, it’s the heartbreak

“I’m 50 and live in the UK and I was in my relationship for 40 years, I didn’t know where I was after my breakup because I had so many life plans and dreams. Luckily I found Dorothy and my life completely transformed because of the work we did together.

The breakup is what’s leading to the success I’m having right now.”


I should have already known how to do this

“I’m 49 in the US and my relationship was the first one after a 10 year marriage. It was about 3 years after my divorce. I struggled in the ending of that first relationship after divorce thinking I should have known how to do this already because I’ve experienced heartbreak so many times before. But learning this new information and working with Dorothy showed me that I never really knew in the first place.

Dorothy was so clear about how she gets her point across, she has tangible steps. You can go to therapy and talk about how you feel but not move along week to week vs working with Dorothy you move forward and get excited about your future every single day.”


Do I have enough time to build the bigger and better life?

“How do I have enough time to build a bigger and better life? I’m 56. But the thought work I did with Dorothy showed me that I CAN. No matter my age, I can always build a bigger and better life.

I made it my goal. And I DID IT!”


Make sure the next minute you spend in life is focused on your bigger and better life rather than your ex.

Your freedom from your ex is so worth it!

And mark these dates on your calendar:

Monday, February 12, 2024 at 1:00pm ET
Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 1:00pm ET
Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 1:00pm ET
Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 1:00pm ET
Friday, February 16, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

Each session will be one hour.

Got questions? I’ve got answers:

I’ll be presenting different material at each of the sessions, so you will want to watch both to get the complete impact of the event. You do not, however, need to attend any of them (or all of them) live. If you can be there live, awesome! You’ll be able to ask questions/get coaching on your specific situation.

I tried everything google had to offer too. And it wasn’t until I learned what I’ll be teaching you here in this masterclass that changed everything for me. I was able to get over my ex in a moment. It’s a proven method that hundreds of people have implemented to get over their ex and build a life better than the one they had with their ex. It’ll work. And worst case scenario, it doesn’t – you’re in the same spot as you are now having tried one more thing and you’re that much closer.

This event is really helping those who are experiencing heartbreak – which happens on both sides of the breakup. The teachings and coaching will not be relevant if you’re not feeling heartbroken or like you can’t have the life you want without your ex.

Everything that we’ll cover in the 5 day training is covered inside of the Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program, but the 5 day event will cover the sheer basics – exactly what you need to know to get started.

My program teaches you a lot more in depth topics and give you step by step instructions for each of the topics we’ll talk about in the masterclass (and then some). Inside of the program you gain more 1:1 support through group coaching calls, breakup expert feedback through our written coaching portal, a number of in depth workshops and guest speakers each month, a community of badass bravehearts all doing this work together, lifetime access to the breakup masterclass (everything you will ever need to know about breakups and heartbreak), and copy of the Breakup Bible (tangible exercises to implement every single thing you learn inside of the program – because it’s not just about learning, it’s about being).

I’ll do my best to answer as many specific questions during the masterclass, but I simply won’t have the time to look at everyone’s specific situation.

If you love the masterclass and want to continue working with me on your breakup and creating a life bigger than the one you had with your ex, you’ll receive a special invitation to join the Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program.

“Before this program I was white knuckling"

“I was white knuckling through my life trying to get over my heartbreak on my own while picking up all of the pieces of my life that felt shattered after the breakup.

I felt so defeated in all areas of my life and I couldn’t let go of the future I was so sure I would have with my ex. This program has allowed me to no longer show up as someone who feels like everything happened to me and I now fully understand and believe that everything happened for me!

I show up with grace and patience now that I have many “resources/tools in my toolbox”. This program not only helped me get over my ex, but it helped me build my confidence and show up as my best self in all areas of my life.”


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