3 tools to help you trust the process

In today’s episode, Breakup Coach Dorothy and Braveheart Maria talk about the tools to help you trust the process of moving on. Maria provides tactical tools for a variety of getting over your ex experiences.

Join them as they talk about Maria’s journey from dealing with her ex leaving, managing life changing exams, living alone in a different country, and working with her ex, to finally feeling free and secure on her own.

Trying vs deciding

Today we explore the transformative concept of embodying a state of being rather than just attempting it, drawing inspiration from the book “A Happy Pocket Full of Money.” Using the context of getting over an ex, the episode delves into the significance of aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions with the authentic self. The host emphasizes the power of deciding to be over an ex, challenging the conventional belief that actions and feelings precede the state of being. Drawing parallels with her personal life, the episode illustrates how decisive action yields more substantial results compared to scattered efforts. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their approach, confront self-deception, and truly commit to overcoming past relationships. Leave this episode knowing the exact steps to deciding to get over your ex.

When it’s really over

Join me in this episode as we unpack a pivotal coaching session, where one remarkable client grappled with the concept of closure and moving beyond an on-again, off-again relationship.

Discover the journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we explore the fears that often anchor us to past relationships, the allure of familiarity versus the unknown, and the profound realization that progress isn’t linear. Celebrating moments of growth, we unravel the client’s initial doubts, ultimately revealing how not returning to her past was the true testament to her transformation. Reflect on your own journey and fears, and embrace the power of progress even in moments that might seem like setbacks.

Tune in for an inspiring discussion on embracing closure and the triumphs found in moving forward.

Shame before, during and after a breakup

In today’s episode we explore the intricate layers of shame before, during, and after a breakup. Drawing from a recent coaching session, Breakup Coach Dorothy navigates the often-overlooked aspects of shame. This episode serves as a beacon for those wrestling with breakup-induced shame, offering actionable steps towards self-affirmation, self-love, and personal empowerment in the journey towards healing and self-discovery. Tune in for a heartfelt discussion on overcoming shame and embracing resilience in the aftermath of a breakup.

I’m behind and running out of time

In today’s episode we discuss the broader issue of feeling behind in life due to attachments. Exploring the concept of time constraints and the freedom of choice, we realize life can be fulfilling both with and without specific outcomes. This philosophy extends beyond relationships, encompassing career aspirations and personal goals. Learn one question that will completely shift your perspective of being behind and running out of time after your breakup so that you can feel at peace without giving up on what you want.

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