What if you could change your entire heart healing experience in two days?

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The Braveheart Festival is for you if:

  • You want to ensure you’re not thinking about your ex on Valentine’s day
  • You want to stop constantly obsessing over the past version of your ex
  • You desire to create a life that was better than the one you had with your ex
  • You want a new kind of romantic partnership you know you deserve

The Braveheart Festival was designed for YOU.

It will help you change your entire breakup experience. No more pining after someone who chose to leave. No more ruminating about the past and how great he/she was or worrying about a future without them in it.

Your ex is out living his/her life regardless of what you’re up to.

You could be crying on the couch covered in tissues, angry AF fuming about what they did and complaining to others.


Becoming the most badass version of yourself getting after everything you ever wanted with your ex – without them.

Note: It feels almost impossible right now and you might be putting all your energy and thoughts into how to get this partner back … AND I’m here to tell you whether happens or not, you putting all your energy into that is the very thing that’s keeping you from being able to call in or be ready for the type of love, relationship and future you deserve. 

February 11th-February 12th | Streaming Live

If you’ve been feeling like you need a heartbreak retreat for your breakup or divorce, this is it. The first ever two day live heart healing experience that will change the way you look at yourself within romantic relationships.

No on is pining over someone who just wants their ex back.

Trust me, if your ex comes back and you haven’t done this work …

Things will feel uneven, unequal, and you will feel terrified that at any moment they could leave again. 

Why hold out for a relationship that feels insecure when you could be building a secure life that calls in the type of love and relationship you DESERVE. 

Let’s go!

You do not want to miss out on this unique breakup coaching experience!

It’s time to choose you. 

Let’s build a life your ex regrets leaving. 

You do not want to miss out on this unique breakup coaching experience!

It’s time to choose you. 

Let’s build a life your ex regrets leaving. 


I put out a completely different energy into the universe now. I am more confident in who I am and what I want because of this work. I am a lot more gentle to myself, my thoughts, and my feelings. I trust the universe so much more. As a result, I’m transforming into the woman I’ve always wanted to be.



When you go through a breakup you tend to be hard on yourself and try to negotiate or blame yourself for what has happened.

I felt unworthy and insecure before this program, now I have so much more peace in my life.

My life is different now because I’ve learned that no matter what obstacles life throws at me I will always come out on top, because I have the tools and love for myself to do so.



I feel empowered. I feel motivated. I am hopeful. I feel strong. I understand now that I am the owner of my own life, decisions and results. For a long time I just felt hopeless and went about life aimlessly. Now I have a vision and a plan and the tools that I need to create the life I want.


Meet Your Coach

The Braveheart Festival was designed for YOU because you are a BRAVE heart.

Certified Life Coach and Found of Breakup Coach Dorothy & The Braveheart Academy

Dorothy AB Johnson has been a breakup coach since 2019. She created the Get Over Your Ex four part framework that helps individuals get over their ex and build a life bigger and better than the one they had with their ex in 3 months or less. Hundreds of Bravehearts have been living proof that the framework can help you no matter how long your relationship was or how long it’s been since your breakup. Her mission is to help 1 million bravehearts heal heartbreak differently using her proven technique so that they can go on to help heal their world in their own unique ways. 


“Not everyone would leave. There is someone out there who wants all of you, not just the most put together version of you.”

  • Breakup Coach Dorothy


I have real tangible results in my life that I’m so proud of, that I didn’t know were possible after my breakup. I’ve gained a secure knowledge that I can handle anything no matter what. Pure optimism and excitement for my future.

I do things I told myself I could never do. I work out consistently, I read books, my faith has become stronger, my relationships with others have changed, I feel happy more often than I feel sad, I journal, I live without social media, I sleep without my phone in the same room, I’m so grateful for every single thing. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I live that way now.

This work has changed my life for the better, all because of a breakup.



I feel strong, grounded, loved and in control of my own life and happiness. I now know that I can get through any obstacle life throws my way – and still live a great and exciting life. I no longer feel like I’m at the effect of other people’s actions.

I feel empowered, peaceful and happy. I know how to set healthy boundaries for myself, and have self-compassion when I need it. I’ve become my own best friend and lover. And that feels so good and comforting.

I’m forever grateful – for you, Dorothy, and for my past self that showed up for myself and invested in this program. This was exactly what I needed!



I’m 49 in the US and my relationship was the first one after a 10 year marriage. It was about 3 years after my divorce. I struggled in the ending of that first relationship after divorce thinking I should have known how to do this already because I’ve experienced heartbreak so many times before. But learning this new information and working with Dorothy showed me that I never really knew in the first place.

Dorothy was so clear about how she gets her point across, she has tangible steps. You can go to therapy and talk about how you feel but not move along week to week vs working with Dorothy you move forward and get excited about your future every single day.


What your Braveheart Festival experience will look like.


You will have the opportunity to get coached by Breakup Coach Dorothy and also watch her use the tools you will learn with other Bravehearts. You will see how quickly coaching can change the entire trajectory of your breakup experience and future romantic partnerships.


Guest coach Dana Evans will be leading emotional clearing which will aid in letting teaching concepts and coaching land easier when your nervous system switches from fight or flight to relief and calm. During heartbreak emotions are front and center. It can be hard to simply get out of bed and live your day without constantly experiencing emotion. It’s important we practice regulating our nervous system and accessing our inner truth during such a monumental time of your life.


There are many parts to your bigger and better life. The relationship with yourself, your next relationship, dreams, and big goals. Breakup Coach Dorothy will be teaching you a tool that has completely transformed her client’s experience creating big things in their life. They go from feeling it’s impossible to having it within their physical reality all within the 3 month process. Learn that tool in the two day experience and get coached live to use it.

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