Getting over your ex who struggled with addiction

In today’s episode, Breakup Coach Dorothy and her client, Delanie, talk about finally asking for help, giving herself more credit, acceptance, self-love, letting go of the pain, and getting over an ex who struggled with addiction. Join them as they discuss Delanie’s healing journey and her personal ways of rewriting her story.

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Karilyn Ivers:

Podcast: Your Partners Addiction

Why do I feel addicted to my ex?

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Why do I feel so addicted to my ex?” Well, today, we’ve got answers and a roadmap to help you break free from those compulsive behaviors that seem to take over your life. Breakups have a unique way of turning even the most empowered and resilient individuals into someone they don’t recognize.

Join us in this eye-opening episode as we delve into the profound psychology of post-breakup attachment and the reasons behind those persistent, seemingly uncontrollable actions that are anything but characteristic of you. Whether it’s the relentless calls to your ex, the incessant checking of your phone in hopes of their message, or the constant scrutiny of your social media stories for their engagement, if you’re struggling to move on, this episode was crafted with you in mind.

In this transformative conversation, we’ll equip you with practical steps and strategies to understand, cope with, and ultimately overcome your ex addiction. It’s time to regain control over your emotions, thoughts, and actions and embark on a journey toward healing and self-empowerment.

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Karilyn Ivers Podcast

Biology of Desire

Does anyone else feel embarrassed about their breakup?

Ever wonder why breakups often leave us feeling embarrassed? Join Breakup Coach Dorothy as she shatters the silence surrounding this emotion. In this episode we explore how pursuing our desires garners more cheers than jeers, and dive into practical strategies for coping with embarrassment, including intentionally stepping out of comfort zones to befriend rejection and understanding that our self-perception matters more than imagined judgments.


How do I stop second-guessing a breakup I initiated?

In this episode, the Breakup Coach Dorothy addresses the complex emotions that follow a breakup when you’re the one who initiated it. She dives into the feelings of doubt and regret that can arise and outlines how to release regret and make decisions from calm clarity. Whether you’ve already made the decision to break up and you’re feeling regret or you’re worried about breaking up because you might feel regretful and second guess yourself, you’re going to want to tune in!