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Navigating pet custody after a breakup

Join us in this heartfelt episode as we celebrate Tinkerbell’s second birthday and delve into the complexities of pet custody after a breakup. Our host, who’s experienced this journey firsthand, shares valuable insights from working with braveheart clients in the “Get Over Your Ex” program. Discover what works and what doesn’t when it comes to ensuring the well-being of your furry companion during challenging times.

We explore the significance of considering the pet’s overall well-being, the importance of clear boundaries, and the potential impact of joint custody on both the pet and the human parents. Listen closely as we unravel the emotions and practicalities of deciding who keeps the pet and the lessons learned from having a 130lb Great Dane for two incredible years.

Whether you’re facing this situation or simply seeking compassionate guidance, this episode offers love, empathy, and valuable advice to navigate pet custody after a breakup. 

The Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program (limited time 6 month payment plan):

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