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How to get up and get ready for the day after your breakup

Waking up post breakup when you didn’t want the breakup in the first place is like waking up to a nightmare every morning. You dream about your ex, the only peace you get is when you’re sleeping and all of a sudden you’re thrusted back into a reality you didn’t want or ask for.

How you start your day post breakup significantly influences how and when you will gain a sense of normalcy after experiencing heartbreak. In today’s episode, Breakup Coach Dorothy will be outlining some of the best practices you can have post breakup when it comes to getting up and getting ready for your day. This podcast episode ends with a sneak peak into the pep talk library with a 3 minute pep talk from Breakup Coach Dorothy for days you wake up sad, heartbroken, hopeless, and disappointed.

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Hi, I'm Dorothy

I want to help women just like me learn how to get over their ex, forgive and let go so that they can stop obsessing over him and start obsessing over the amazing life they are creating.