When your ex changes their mind about what they want

It’s so difficult when all of a sudden the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with decides you’re no longer the one for them. Maybe your ex decided that marriage was no longer for them. Maybe it was kids, commitment or responsibility. In today’s episode learn what to do when your ex changes their mind about what they want and how you can handle the impact of someone else’s decision on your life.
In today’s episode:
  • Learn why someone changes their mind about you or important values in life
  • Understand how that impact on your life can be handled in a way that helps you move on quicker
  • Become someone who is no longer at the effect of your ex’s life decisions

Everything is going to be ok

We’ve all been there… you just want someone to tell you “everything’s going to be ok”. In today’s episode I’ll be showing you how everything is going to be ok and truthfully how it’ll be more than ok no matter your situation. If you’re looking for a breakup pep talk, here it is.

In today’s episode:
  • Feel certain even if you have an unknown future after your breakup/divorce
  • Understand what to do next to take care of you during
  • Become comfortable with not knowing what’s next

Sending you all the love!