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The quality of my thoughts determines the quality of my life

The quality of my life is a direct reflection of the quality of my thoughts. If my life feels like a hot mess, it’s a direct reflection that my mind/brain/thoughts are a hot mess. No matter where you are in the breakup process, no matter how much you know about thought work, no matter how good you are at coaching – you will never be omitted from needing to be reminded that your circumstances do not cause your suffering.

In today’s episode:
  • Learn one simple technique that will change everything
  • Understand the problem that’s holding you back no matter where you are in your breakup or dating journey
  • Become the one who’s in control of your experience

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Hi, I'm Dorothy

I want to help women just like me learn how to get over their ex, forgive and let go so that they can stop obsessing over him and start obsessing over the amazing life they are creating.