Leaving the half ass energy of a half ass relationship

Staying in a relationship that is “almost” everything you’ve ever wanted is pretty common. Typically it’s fear that keeps us from moving forward and exiting the half ass energy loop that is creating a half ass relationship. Join Nikki this week as she talks about what it was like to leave the half ass energy of a half ass relationship and build a bigger and better life for herself!

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to leave when it’s almost everything but not everything you ever wanted
  • Understand what’s keeping you stuck in a mediocre relationship/life
  • Become someone who only shows up for the bigger and better life and never settles for less than

I should be over him already

So much shame is created and cultivated by believing that we should already be over this… no matter our age, no matter how long the relationship was or how long the breakup happened – this seems to be a reoccurring theme among Bravehearts. Join me today with Gracie as she gives us words of wisdom around shame, what to do when your problems don’t feel big enough, when you think your best days are behind you, and when you care a lot about what your ex thinks of you.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to no longer hold onto shame because you should already be over him
  • Understand what’s holding you back from getting over your ex
  • Become someone who is no longer obsessing over what your ex thinks of you

No longer angry after an affair and 24 years of marriage

Divorce after 24 years of marriage can be difficult. You took your vows seriously and your ex didn’t. How do you recover from that? Not only recover but can you even thrive after something like that? Listen in today as Lisa shares her story. She was committed to her ex, she took those vows seriously but after an affair while your mother was dying from cancer, she said enough was enough. 

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how you can let go of anger no matter your breakup situation
  • Understand why celebrating along the way is so important to your healing
  • Become the version of yourself your kids can be inspired by

My future wasn’t possible without my ex

After a traumatic breakup experience it’s easy to feel like what you wanted with your ex is no longer available to you. Or at least it feels like it’s on pause until you find another partner. Listen in on today’s episode where Janet talks about her heart healing journey going from feeling like her future was gone at age 32 to feeling empowered to take the next step regardless of her relationship status. 

In today’s episode:

  • Learn the key to creating the life you want regardless of what your ex is doing
  • Understand what the biggest obstacles is to creating the future you wanted with your ex
  • Become someone who is no longer attached to their ex for their future

How to commit to getting over your ex

After a devastating heartbreak, Cara has ZERO answers about why or what happened. Crying all the time, missing him, knowing deep down that she had a good life but at the same time she had a really strong desire for her ex. At 46 years old, she wanted to find someone who was committed to her but felt so lost when it came to this area of her life.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to commit to getting over your ex no matter what your breakup situation is
  • Understand what’s kept you from the bigger and better life 
  • Become certain about your ability to do more than move on but to live a life your ex regrets leaving