BONUS: Real parents, real advice

In today’s episode real parents share their real advice on parenting dos and don’ts while experiencing a divorce/breakup.

These parents have been through the Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program and have been avid listeners of the podcast just like you!

How to help your kids during heartbreak

How do I help my kids process the change? What do I do when my child is constantly asking to go back to live with my ex? How do I help them through emotional turmoil? Some childrens’ first heartbreak is the heartbreak of their parents. In today’s episode learn how to help your kids while going through your own heartbreak.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn what you can do to help your children with their emotions during a time that is emotional for you
  • Understand what is most useful for them during this time
  • Become the kind of parent you want to be while experiencing heartbreak

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