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What is your limit Braveheart?

Today’s episode is inspired by multiple DMs I’ve received regarding feeling like you’re over your ex and on to building a bigger and better life but don’t feel over the moon about everything IN your life. Are you seeing your limitations and do you have a concrete action plan for the limits that are keeping you from your “epic sundae”?

What to expect:
  • Learn how to identify the real limitations that are keeping you from a life bigger and better than the one you had with your ex – they aren’t what you think they are
  • Understand how to create your concrete action plan on how to overcome those limits in a way that aligns with who you want to be
  • Become the kind of person who is over the moon about all areas of their life

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Hi, I'm Dorothy

I want to help women just like me learn how to get over their ex, forgive and let go so that they can stop obsessing over him and start obsessing over the amazing life they are creating.