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The “Braveheart Community, support you didn’t know you needed

How often have we been allowed to really speak about our most painful heartbreak in the open to other humans? Rarely ever. It’s still considered taboo to be open and honest about how much we are truly hurting during our breakup or divorce. It’s seen as being “too emotional” or “too open” in a lot of settings. Inside the Braveheart Community, it’s normal. It’s freeing. It’s safe and it’s ok.

In today’s episode learn about what it’s like to be a part of the braveheart community while healing from heartbreak from two Bravehearts who got the support they didn’t know they needed.

Enrollment opens December 9th:

What to expect:
  • “I felt less crazy because no one in my life was going through a breakup but I was with 20 some women all experiencing a breakup.” – Annie
  • “I was surprised by the amount of people who have the same thoughts and problems I did.” – Annie
  • “It was really valuable to me to have people from different stages of life. It was this moment where I realized no one is exempt from pain and even if I got what I wanted, I could still experience pain.” – Amanda
  • “I needed a support group and I literally got it. I was on my own but had an AA group for people going through breakups, which was so amazing for me.” – Amanda

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