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Money and scarcity in your breakup

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Going through a breakup (and obviously divorce) costs money. Not only do your expenses double but you are also struggling with scarcity around your life in general, so living in financial scarcity can be an easy subconscious decision that leads to missing opportunities to make or save more. Join me as I discuss breakups, divorce, money and scarcity with my million dollar money coach Jill Wright.

In this episode:

  • Why are we living in scarcity when going through a breakup?
  • What to do when we feel like we don’t have any choice in the matter
  • How do we afford coaching or really anything we want during a breakup?
  • How to make financial decisions during the breakup
  • How to see opportunities vs limitations during the breakup

Jill Wright is a life and money coach who helps women who are new entrepreneurs work through the barriers keeping them from making money in their business. She helps them track down all the excuses, all the drama and all the self-doubt and discover the MORE they were made for!

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