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When the distractions stop working

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If you’re anything like me during a breakup, you’ve jammed your schedule full of things to do to avoid being alone and feeling your loneliness. I would try to distract myself until I had to sleep so that I wouldn’t have to sit with my own thoughts by myself.

But what happens when the distractions stop working? Or we can’t use a distraction? We must sit with our thoughts and learn how to handle our negative and painful emotions.

Our life is 50% positive and 50% negative. Learning how to experience the 50% negative without avoiding, resisting and reacting to it is vital to your human experience on this earth.

We must learn how to FEEL an emotion, to process it in a way that doesn’t keep recreating our past and therefor eliminates the need to distract ourselves.

In this episode:

  • The 50/50 experience and how it plays out in a breakup
  • What you might be distracting yourself with now and don’t even realize
  • What to do when you stop distracting yourself
  • The step by step to FEEL an emotion

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Hi, I'm Dorothy

I want to help women just like me learn how to get over their ex, forgive and let go so that they can stop obsessing over him and start obsessing over the amazing life they are creating.