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How to Overcome Cheating

Today I wanted to talk about cheating or infidelity.

I want to preface this blog saying, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I want you to form your own conclusion about this topic but I wanted to call out some key things that most of us don’t talk about.

In general, we see cheating as bad.

We think it’s not a good thing and that it “shouldn’t happen.”

The ironic thing is, it should happen, because it does. I took a poll of people on Instagram in one of my stories and 60% of people who responded had been cheated on and 44% of people had cheated before. The majority of my clients have cheated or been cheated on.

Now, interestingly, when someone tells me “he cheated” I always ask what does that mean to them. Our definitions of “cheating” are SO DIFFERENT!

Here are some examples:

  • kissing and beyond

  • emotional or physical

  • emotionally and physically purring or intriguing with someone else

  • emotional cheating is just as bad as physical

  • emotional or physical interaction that is inappropriate and disrespectful to your current relation

  • anything that you have to hide from the other person because you know they’d be upset

  • anything that as a couple you agree is crossing a line (can include sex, kiss, sexting…)

  • physical, emotional, mental intimacy

  • having a relationship with another woman

  • physical of course, but also the emotional build up that happens before action

  • only physical

Even within these examples/definitions of cheating there are some serious gaps.

In this live I cover:

  • defining cheating/infidelity with your current or future partner

  • how to move on from infidelity (as the cheater and the cheated)

If you’re struggling with infidelity from any angle I urge you to sign up for a free consult. This doesn’t have to be a situation that consumes you now or in the future. Let it go and find peace in the situation. There is freedom in this for you whether you were the one that cheated or the one that was cheated on.

Sending so much love,


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