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How to Focus at Work After a Breakup

Many clients come to me and one of the biggest ways their breakup is impacting other areas of their life is the ability to focus at work. They are not able to focus at work because they are so sad/depressed/miserable. Their attention is elsewhere and they can’t stop thinking/obsessing over their ex and what he may or may not be doing.

If this is you, I got you. One of my most successful clients went from physically crying and laying on the floor in her office to top employee of the year. So 1) you’re not alone, 2) there is a solution.

The problem is when you feel miserable, you SHOW UP miserable. Which only creates more misery. If you’re not miserable insert whatever emotion it is that you’re feeling, depressed, sad, anxious, mad, angry.

You must break the negative cycle you’re in. I can show you how.

The solution is to tune yourself to a different vibration. Cue the, “wtf, how, and what are you talking about?”

You need to get into alignment with a higher vibration and here are the steps on how to do this:

  1. Journal, do a TDL (thought download) where you become the observer of your brain. Identify what thoughts your thinking to determine what is creating your feelings of sadness/misery/depression. Become aware of the emotions you’re experiencing. Notice they are only vibrations your body, they come and they go.

  2. Make a morning routine for the days you must go into the office or go to work. I strongly suggest the first thing you do is listen to inspiring and motivational pep talks and speeches on YouTube. You can literally google inspiring and motivational pep talks and start going down the list. Do this while you work out or on your way to work, or while you get ready. Make it one of the first things you do in the morning.

  3. Take time to meditate. Set aside 10 minutes to meditate. Use insight timer or any other meditation app if you’re not familiar with the practice to get you started. But taking time to clear your mind will allow you to raise your vibration and find opportunities instead of limitations.

  4. Calendar your day. Seriously, when you step into the office have your calendar outlined for each and everything that needs to get done. When you do this you mitigate the number of decisions you have to make which will mitigate the amount of procrastination and buffering your primitive brain will want to do.

  5. Ignore your phone. That’s it, put it away. Put it in airplane mode, shut it off, everything you need for work is at work or within your computer. No need for any other distraction. If you have to use your phone for work 1) ask them for a separate work phone 2) set limits for during business hours the personal apps like instagram, snapchat, and FB are not allowed.

  6. SMILE. My dad use to tell me I could always just smile and my day would turn right around and it was true. Stand in the mirror and smile wide girl! You’ll just start laughing at yourself. The more you smile towards other humans the more they will smile back at you too. 🙂

Here is an example of what my day looked like after going through a breakup and I believe it served me VERY well, yours does NOT need to look like this, make it fun for YOU.

  • 4:30am – wake up commute to gym (listen to inspiring speeches on the way to the gym)

  • 5:30am – cardio, stretching, yoga

  • 8:00am – arrive at work, meditate, journal in conference room

  • 8:30am – work (all of my work was outlined in my calendar until 4pm or 5pm including lunch)

  • 5pm – gym

  • 6:30pm – commute home (listen to podcast)

  • 7:30pm – cook dinner, eat

  • 8:30pm – get ready for bed, shower, pack for next day, house chores (maybe talk to a family member or friend on the phone)

  • 9:30pm – bed

If you still are having a hard time focusing on the job after your breakup and it’s impacting your ability to hit your goals and be the best bo$$babe you know you can be, let’s hop on the phone and talk through it to find a solution specific to you.

Sending so much love,


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