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Why The Rush To Get Over Him?

Alright sister!

My favorite motto for my business is

Getting over your ex doesn’t have to “just take time”.


Because I remember people told me all the time, it’s just gonna take time Dorothy. Time heals the broken heart and you wanna know what? NO it doesn’t! That’s so false.

Time doesn’t do anything, it’s your thoughts, your interpretation, the story you have about the facts and circumstances in your life that control your heart break.

Now, there is a difference between getting over your ex and not letting time be the factor and being in a rush to get over him.

I have many clients who are in total panic mode and want to be over him already. And hey, I TOTALLY get it. It’s the worst feeling… you’re in pain, experiencing high highs, low lows, crying all the time, can’t focus on anything else. Of course you want to be over him already.

But here is the thing, rushing yourself to be over him won’t work. When you’re rushing you’re avoiding your negative emotion because you’re afraid of it. You can only avoid that negative emotion for so long.

In this live I talk about my personal story with this from a context outside of a breakup, then go into a client story. We talk about why doing this is a problem and how to solve for it.

Take a moment to watch the live to find out how to apply this to your specific situation.

Do you want to learn how to get over your ex? Working one on one with a coach took my year of heartache and made it disappear in an instant. My anger and resentment dropped to the floor like a bowling bag off my shoulder. I felt more free than I had ever felt. I want that for you!

Sign up for a free consult where we can talk about why you’re in a rush to get over your ex and what’s keeping you from moving on.

Sending so much love!


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Hi, I'm Dorothy

I want to help women just like me learn how to get over their ex, forgive and let go so that they can stop obsessing over him and start obsessing over the amazing life they are creating.