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Rewrite Your Breakup

This is a more advanced topic, if you haven’t yet processed a negative emotion or gone through identifying what you’re feeling from your breakup and learning to allow that emotion and question the beliefs creating it, make sure to check out the WTF Just Happened Process first.

If you’ve gone through processing your negative emotion and questioning the beliefs that create that emotion for you, you are ready to move onto rewriting your breakup story. Do not try to do this before going through those steps. I do not want you just rewriting your story before questioning your current beliefs because you’ll wind up thinking you’re just lying to yourself or trying to paste a positive sticky note over a negative situation which is NOT the work I do.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Don’t keep reliving your past! If you’re someone who keeps saying “why does this always happen to me?” it’s a red flag to be looking at YOU. What are you thinking that is creating the same result over and over for you?

If you want to take this to a deeper level and really apply this work to your specific situation it’s time to sign up for a free consult!

Sending so much love!


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