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Financial Freedom After a Breakup

In all my work with breakups and divorce money comes up almost every single time. The majority of my clients express the desire to be financially independent as they embark on creating this new life on their own. 

Not only are they losing their best friend but most are also rather concerned about finances. Bills that were once split between two people, they will have to pay for on their own. Not having a second person to fall back on if a big life event were to happen. No more borrowing money. Some were fully dependent on their husband/partner, and navigating the terrain of their own finances is a foreign concept. 

Because of this, it is an absolute must for me to coach on money with my clients. That’s why when we work 1:1 together I don’t teach tools that are limited to your breakup, I teach tools that you’ll apply to money and all other areas of your life.

In this LIVE class I talk to you about …

  • What is financial freedom?

  • Why don’t we have it?

  • Why it’s important especially after a breakup.

  • How to create it for yourself.

The idea is that to be someone financially independent, you must act like her. To act like her you must feel like her, and to feel like her you must THINK like her. 

So what does the future you, the you that travels when she wants to, eats out without feeling guilty, pampers herself, and invests in her future, how does she act? What kinds of decisions does she make? How does she feel when she’s making those decisions? How does she think to feel that way? 

Now go out and be her girl! You’ve got it!

Sending so much love,


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