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When Life Breaks Up With You

I’m a full time breakup coach where I work 40 hours a week in my coaching practice but up until last week I had another job that I’d use that income to pay for my living expenses so that I could reinvest all of my money back into my company. Last Friday, that job let me go.

My job broke up with me.

Life does this to us sometimes… it just breaks up with us … it can look like:

  • a breakup or divorce

  • being fired or let go

  • a death of a loved one

  • bankruptcy or financial problems

  • failed plans

All of these different life events have something in common.

  • Lack of security and stability

  • Change

  • Uncomfortable emotions

So the best part about my job letting me go is 2 things:

  1. It’s so similar to a breakup … all the tools and techniques that I coach my clients on I can use while experiencing this event. I tell my clients this all the time but it’s so fun when I experience it first hand.

  2. The value of having a coach was displayed so wonderfully in this situation. While I was experience rejection and my mind was flooded with all the negative emotions and what I was making this event mean about me, all I could see was my limitations, yet all my coach could see was the opportunities and possibilities.

    This was huge.

    Over the weekend when I had to make life decisions and next steps I got to do it from an abundant, excited, inspired and empowered space instead of in a scarcity mindset.

What to do when life breaks up with you.

  1. Call/get a coach.

  2. Write down all the things you’re afraid of, all the feelings you’re experiencing and why.

  3. Write down what you’re making the event/situation mean about you.

  4. Talk to your coach and/or write make a list of all the opportunities/possibilities. What are all the awesome things that are about to happen? How was this perfect?

  5. Change your story and celebrate.

Having a coach to support you through this time is so valuable. They can see opportunities that you may be blind to at the moment. They can support you and be your biggest cheerleader. The can show you the beliefs you are clinging to that are holding you back.

To become a new person you have to start acting like that new verison of you. To act like that new version you need to feel differently and to feel differently, you need to think different thoughts.

Your coach provides you awareness to your thinking.

A coach is hired by your dreams to make sure you don’t fuck it up. – Stacey Boehman

Let’s get on the phone to talk about your specific situation and find the opportunities you might be missing.

Sending so much love,


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