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3 Small Steps Toward Huge Transformation

Was going through it last week and it really forced me to look everything over in my life, practice what I preach and do what I tell my clients to do.

As I did this, I realized it is an accumulation of 3 small things that really create huge transformation in my life. So I wanted to share these with everyone.

Here is the LIVE video where I talk through the small steps that create huge transition.

3 Small Steps Toward Huge Transformation:

  1. Take responsibility of your emotions, this takes coaching, schedule a consult with me and I’ll show you. This has drastically changed my life, everything goes so much quicker and you make leaps and bounds in transformations when you work with me or any coach for that matter.

  2. Slow down … meditations, walks, nature — less is more. I feel like we as humans talk about this but rarely practice it.

  3. Dance — shake break — Music (FUN)… MOVE. Seriously, when you are just stuck in a rut and you’ve done the coaching, meditation and nothing is doing it for you. Dance your face off. There is something about good music and moving your body that instantly creates a mood boost.

When you combine these three small steps you can take on a daily/weekly basis into your life, your life will transform SO quickly. The Dorothy from a year ago is SO different from Dorothy now. It’s amazing and crazy and fabulous.

I dare you.

Try it out.

Sending so much love,


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