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7 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Breakup

7 questions you should ask yourself after a breakup to move forward with grace. Don’t let this breakup be something that breaks you but something that propels you forward into the next chapter of your life.

So grab your journal, a pen/pencil, get cozy and open up your heart, let it fall out onto the paper.

When you’re walking through these questions it’s so important that you remember to focus all questions on you. So for example, when I ask, what did you not like about this relationship? You will want to blame everything on someone else.  I want you to focus on you. How did you not show up in the way that you wanted to. What did you like about YOU in the relationship.

We cannot control other people so we want these questions to provide you awareness around what YOU can do the same or differently moving forward.

  1. What did I like about this relationship?

  2. What did I not like about the relationship?

  3. What have I been doing for the relationship that I no longer have to do?

  4. What do I get to step away from and no longer put my time and resources into that wasn’t my favorite anyways?

  5. What am I excited about doing now, that I wasn’t allowing myself to do while in the relationship?

  6. How can my life be everything I ever wanted it to be and more?

  7. How am I grateful for this experience?

The purpose for asking yourself these questions is to help show you that even though this is the end to something you may have loved, it doesn’t mean that your life can’t be everything you wanted it to be and more.

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With love and positive vibes,


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