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Take a Breath: Healing After a Breakup

Take a breath, I’m serious, right now, take a deep breathe in, and exhale it out. 

Do this 7 times. 

Just 7 deep breaths. 

When you start to feel the anxiety, the tightening of the muscles, that weird feeling of busyness but in your body, the heavy dull feeling on your throat, the heat to your face, the tenseness in your jaw. 

Just stop.

Take a breath. 

It’s been one of the best things about starting to practice yoga regularly this year is I ALWAYS come back to my breath. 

It’s so simple, but so often overlooked. 

End your evening tonight by taking 7 deep breaths in. Lock in an intention at the top of your breath before you exhale. 

“This is all just for fun.”

Take a breath.

and remember, 

you are a part of the universe, 

everything is happening for you, 

you are so very loved.

Take a breath.

Everything is ok,

everything is safe,

no one can replace you, 

you are worthy of your dreams.

Take a breath.

Your future is brighter than your past,

there are no wrong decisions.

Take a breath.

Your mind is learning to process pain and your physical body is also healing. Breathing and slowing everything internally is going to help your mind process the pain.

Want to learn how to mentally process the pain or how to build a meditation habit? Check out the free materials portal for a processing pain worksheet and a meditation guide OR schedule a free mini session where we walk through your specific situation and I help you learn how to process your pain to start to feel better TODAY.

Sending so much love,


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