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5 Ways to Stay Focused at Work After a Breakup

Staying on hand and focused at work can already sometimes be an issue for some people. Add a breakup in the mixture and it can be even more difficult.

Here are 5 ways to help you focus at work after a breakup that I’ve seen work with my clients.

5 Ways to Help You Focus at Work After a Breakup

  1. Build New Routines – before and after work routines that focus on mental and physical health. For example, you could go to the gym before work and right when you get to work you take 30 minutes to meditate, do a thought download, work the model, and start the day fresh. Your mind is organized and ready for the day. Then after work, you have a routine maybe similar to that, I liked adding a podcast in on my commute home from work.

  2. Give Your Brain Something to Chew On – it wants to solve problems, so when there aren’t problems, it will make them. Make sure to give it a problem that serves your work. So as soon as you’ve completed your morning routine with thought downloads and models you’ve cleaned out the clutter in your mind and your brain is ready to go to work. Give it a problem to focus on that is productive.

  3. Calendar Everything – using your calendar to organize all tasks that need to be done is so useful. Write down all of the results you need to create for the week, then write down how much time it will take for you to complete each result. Then block off those times in your calendar so then your brain can easily look at the calendar and know what to chew on. Once everything in your calendar, throw away the list.

  4. Ignore Your Phone – shut it off, put it on airplane mode, everything you need for work is at work or within your computer. No need for any other distraction. If you have to use your phone for work 1) ask them for a separate work phone 2) set limits for during business hours the personal apps like instagram, snapchat, and FB are not allowed.

  5. Smile – my dad use to tell me I could always just smile and my day would turn right around and it was true. Stand in the mirror and smile wide girl! You’ll just start laughing at yourself. The more you smile towards other humans the more they will smile back at you too. 🙂

You’ve got this girl, you’re a badass, show up at work for yourself. Provide value, over deliver and crush it!

Having a hard time focusing at work because of your breakup? Let’s get on the phone to find out why so you can go into the office the very next day and just kill it!

With love and positive vibes,


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