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How to Cope With Memories After a Breakup

Sometimes after a breakup all we can do is think of all the good memories of our past relationship. Many of the things that once bothered us have vanished from our minds as if they never happened or maybe the morphed into “it wasn’t that bad” thoughts.

The truth is, our brain is a part of our human body. Just like our heart and our liver it has a job. It’s job is to think and solve problems. That’s just what it does.

Some of my clients come to me frustrated with themselves because they just can’t stop thinking about their ex, or their mind is going a mile a minute, as if that is not ok, as if it’s supposed to be doing something else.

Would you ever approach your heart, and be like heart, why are you pumping so much? Stop pumping?

See, our brain likes to solve problems, so when there are no problems, it tries to make them.

That’s why when you’re with him, there are all these terrible things, and when you’re not with him, you miss him.

So now what? If my brain is always going to be creating problems? What do I do?

Great question, give your brain a problem to solve, one you actually want the answer to.

Such as,

  • How can I double my income this month?

  • How can I travel the world?

  • What do I really want from life?

  • What do I value in myself?

The next time your brain is trying to make mountains out of molehills, throw it one of these questions, decide ahead of time you’re no longer focusing on what could have been, what you might have done wrong, what he is or is not doing, but you’re focusing on questions and problems that serve you.

Want to stop thinking about your ex? Schedule a free mini session where we can tackle your specific situation and start focusing your mind to solve problems you actually want to solve.

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