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How to Feel Better After a Breakup

One of the most common issues my clients come to with is …

“I just want to feel better”

I get it, I’ve been there, you wake up and you wish it was just a bad dream. A heavy blanket falls over your body and instantly you’re like, “why do I have to start my day like this, can’t I just wake up and this not be true?”.

You try to keep busy in hopes it takes your mind off of the fact your heart has been shattered to pieces.

So how do you feel better after a breakup?

Well, life is comprised of 50% negative and 50% positive emotions. The emotions you’re feeling right now are completely normal.

  • Everything is ok.

  • Everything is safe.

  • This is all happening FOR you not TO you.

The key to all of this is recognizing and becoming aware that your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your action and your action creates your results.

The reason you’re feeling so much pain is not because of what happened or didn’t happen but because of your thoughts and interpretation of the circumstances in your life.

At first glance, you’re probably pissed at me for saying this and I get it. Who am I to say what your ex did or didn’t do wasn’t terrible or how everything happened may have been your worst nightmare

but take a deep breathe, what I told you is the key to life, and it’s the key to taking back control.

When you become aware of this, you take back ALL your power.

This means that you get to decide how you want to feel on purpose.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have some emotions you need to still process such as pain, anger, frustration, betrayal, regret, guilt. And some of these emotions you WANT to feel, which is completely fine.

But it means that you get to know that no one else is causing that or doing that to you but you’re generating it and you’re going to process it effectively so that you get to generate a new feeling that will serve you.

To learn how to do this, hop on a free 30 minute coaching session with me. No strings attached, I simply want to help you understand the power of this tool and how to use it in your specific situation.

All individuals who have scheduled and attended a mini session have agreed it was an amazing use of their time. They leave with a renewed sense of self and empowerment.

At the end of the day baby girl, I know this hurts, it’s supposed to. It’s a broken heart, a completion of a relationship and it’s ok.

Everything is going to be ok. You’re not alone. I am here for you in every and anyway I can be.

This is a blank slate, you get to start over, paint a new picture, drop the fear and see it as a new experience that can be filled with love, excitement, gratitude and joy. Because you get to generate your feelings on purpose.

I’m sending so much love my darling!


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I want to help women just like me learn how to get over their ex, forgive and let go so that they can stop obsessing over him and start obsessing over the amazing life they are creating.