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Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Gift Yourself

All the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies! Now put your hands up!!!

Valentines day when you’re single is like a second birthday! I feel like sometimes there is this negative stigma with it but like legit girls! It’s just another time of year that you get to make ALL about you and pamper the fuck out of yourself.

Here are some of my fav go to gifts to gift yoself for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Massage/Acupuncture/Reflexology – I love love love some touchy feely. Reflexology is something I recently was introduced to and oh ehm ghee, one of my favorites. Also, if you don’t feel like going anywhere, they have a massage app called Soothe which is like Uber Eats but for massages. To get $20 off your first massage, use this link to sign up!

  2. Coaching session or spiritual healer session – Hello! What’s better than to invest your money into inner growth and guidance. I love getting a positive ROI and every time I’ve hired a coach or some form of a spiritual healer I’ve had an amazing experience. If you want to check it out sign up here for a free mini session where we cover any specific situation in 30 minutes to find a resolution.

  3. Vacation – Experiences and new places are always a fun time. Get away to your favorite destination by purchasing your own vacation. And if you really don’t want to go alone, invite your closet girlfriends along!

  4. Jewelry – Get fancy with it girl! It’s always nice to add something to your collection especially when you can be like yea, I’m a bo$$ and I buy my own pieces. Duh. Some of my favorites recently is by @wanderandlustjewelry she does beautiful and elegant work and her pieces are really reasonably priced.

  5. Home Decor (New or DYI) – Spruce up your place with a new dream catcher, or even better, build your own! Take the night in to DYI with some home decor pieces you’ve been wanting to purchase but know deep down you could just make yourself.

  6. Plants – I LOVE PLANTS, they are so beautiful and there is something about having another living organism in your home that provides fresh air. They are beautiful and make a room look alive.

  7. Personal Hygiene  – Personal hygiene tools or technology are always a healthy option. I recently was given the opportunity to check out Smile Brilliant which I am obsessed with! I’ve used electric toothbrushes in the past however the cariPRO ultrasonic electric toothbrush has so many options and has helped maintain tooth whiteness which I LOVE. For 20% of use dorothyabjohnson20 at checkout.

Happy Valentines Day my loves! Spoil yourself silly!

With love and positive vibes,


PS. Want to work on some self love this holiday season?! Check out my free resources portal with all kinds of fun worksheets and self help materials.

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