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Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day

Ladies!!!! What what?!? I wanted to make sure you had a map or a guide for how to navigate Valentine’s Day this year. And you know what?! It’s SO MUCH FUN!

I legit had so much fun creating this for you. Look at all the amazing things you can do when you’re not in a relationship with someone for Valentine’s Day! <3

  • Gift yourself — On Valentine’s Day I’m launching a blog that outlines my favorite gifts for myself! GIRL spoil yourself silly! Buy yourself a present. You deserve it!

  • Spend it with your friends – you could even throw a party! — Have fun with this day! Make plans to spend time with people you have a blast with. You could even throw a party for your single friends and your couple friends. Everyone gets to celebrate love!

  • Identify and process your emotions — Any emotions that do come up for you on this day make sure to get specific. What is that emotion, how does it feel in your body, is it an emotion you need to process? Process it.

  • Dress up — Look good, feel good baby girl. Get a blow out, your nails did, a nice AF spray tan and dress up! Look like a million dollars girl because you’re worth so much more.

  • Social Media Detox — Just saying … detoxing feels good in general, why not detox from all the social media chaos going on during this time?

  • Feel Yoself — uhhh duh, whether it’s in the morning when you first wake up, in the tub with your CBD bubbles, candles, and wine or in the bathroom at your house party … get that shit in because you wanna know something? You’re hott, and girl … you don’t need anyone else, even for that.

Happy slaying all the hearts my baby girl!

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Sending SO much love,


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