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7 Ways to Get Through Valentine’s Day After a Breakup

I know this time of year can be hard for those who are going through heartache. A broken heart is difficult and when you add on a holiday made for couples and those in love it makes it difficult not to focus on your ex or think about your breakup.

Here are 7 ways to get through Valentine’s Day After a Breakup

  1. Get back to you — do what you wanted to do in the relationship but didn’t! What do YOU enjoy doing? What lights you up and makes you feel electric inside. Go and DO it! Don’t just talk about it but implement and execute. Drop all the excuses like money or time. Make money, make time, make yourself the priority.

  2. Buy flowers for yourself and a stranger — Giving feels good. And you deserve a bouquet of flowers baby girl.

  3. Meditate — Breathe, make space, get as close to yourself as you possible can. Seek advice, comfort, and freedom from your inner alien. That voice inside you has lived many lives and knows what your purpose is for this iteration. Access my meditation guide below. Check out insight timer for meditation and if you’re interested in life between lives (souls) check out Journey of Souls.

  4. Journal — Write down everything that’s going on in your mind. Become aware of the thoughts that are running around like a child with a knife. Journaling can uncover hidden beliefs and truths you feel are real. It’s the first step to awareness and unlocking the ability to generate feelings and results you want in your life. Check out the Let’s Work the Model worksheet in the portal you can access below.

  5. Sweat — Get moving, be active, do something physical. Not only does it release endorphins but it also gets the blood pumping and is so great for your body. If you make it a routine I PROMISE it will help.

  6. Play music that lifts your mood — Spotify has an amazing list of playlists some literally for lifting your mood! Play the happy tunes, the upbeat and mood lifting playlists to get rocking.

  7. Create your vision board — get excited about your future. Dream big and get creative and put it on paper in a visual way. Check out my vision board 101 ebook below.

The goal of all of this is to become more of yourself. It’s all about letting go of everything that you no longer want to define you, everything you don’t like doing, the relationships that feel heavy, the stuff that feels stuffy. It’s about becoming more of you, finding you, LIVING YOU.

To gain access to all the free tools I mentioned above, click here!

Sending so much love!


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