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Why You Shouldn’t Hate Your Ex

Hating on your ex, is only hurting you, not him.

When you’re deciding to actively be mad at, hold resentment towards, and feel frustrated with your ex, it is very literally only hurting you not him.

Our thoughts and what we believe to be true is what causes our feelings.

So, for example, let’s say your husband/boyfriend has sex with someone else, while openly in a relationship with you. You don’t feel mad or betrayed because of what he did, you feel mad, betrayed, or any other negative emotion because of your INTERPRETATION of what just happened. You’re making that mean something which is causing you the pain.

Maybe you’re making it mean,

“He never loved me”

“He is so selfish”

“He is a terrible person”

“How could he betray me (or our family) in this way?!”

When you attach a meaning to a situation it generates your feelings.

Now I’m sure about 50% of you have stopped reading at this point but let me tell you the secret.


Because we take all our power back, we take back control when we understand that we create our feelings.

All circumstances are neutral.

Someone “cheating” is neutral, it’s not positive or negative until we make it mean something. Some people think there is emotional cheating, some people define cheating in VERY different ways. People make cheating mean different things for example I have had a client that felt relieved when her current boyfriend cheated because she was wanting to leave the relationship… whereas I have clients who were cheated on and make it mean all kinds of things that cause them pain.

But not everyone would see this one thing as a negative or a positive.

So, why shouldn’t you hate your ex?

Because it’s ONLY HURTING YOU.

Decide to let go of the hate, anger and resentment for your sake, not his. Feel better, feel love, feel gratitude for your sake, not his.

And as Ariana Grande would say, “thank you, next”

Having a hard time letting go of those negative feelings that are causing so much pain. Schedule a FREE 30 minute mini session where we tackle this together. After our call I can guarantee that you’ll be on the road to feeling less pain and more love and gratitude for the situation. I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients and it’s the most empowering and freeing moment!

Sending SO much love,


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