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7 Ways to Survive at the Office After a Breakup

Alright ladies, most of the time at work, if someone dies, everyone is like omg I’m so sorry. Do you need to take some time off? All of the things. But when you’re grieving someone who is still alive, because of a breakup, coworkers may or may not get it.

Maybe you took some time off work, maybe you didn’t either way, here are some tips I HIGHLY suggest to show up and be your bomb badass self at work.

And let’s be real, maybe you’re just looking to find out how you’re supposed to now cry throughout the entire 8 hour work day. That’s fine too. These tips and tricks will help you get through the day with dignity, grace, and some badassery.

Let’s go.

7 Ways to Survive at the Office After a Breakup

  1. Have a Breakup Plan – have a pre planned protocol outlining how you want to react and have these different scenarios go. Who do you want to be and how would your future self handle these things? Write it all down so that when it happens you already know exactly what you’re going to do/say.

    • When a coworker asks how you and your ex are doing

    • If your ex messages and/or calls you

    • If someone invites you to a couples dinner/lunch

If there is something else you need to have a protocol for, list it out, write it out.

  1. Prep the “I’m a Badass” Playlist For the Office – So have an amazing kick ass playlist that sings all about how bomb you are. You can plug your headphones in and listen to this on repeat to create those high vibes that beam through your skin. No sappy stuff boo thang.

  2. Get Out of Bed Immediately – place your phone somewhere not near your bed so you have to get up and out of bed. If you crawl into bed you may just think to social media stalk your ex and start the day on that note rather than starting your day with an early morning workout, shower, or meditation.

  3. Build a Routine Before & After Work – idk about you but I use to call my ex on my way to work, and after I left so making sure you have a new routine in place is so important. Make a phone call to a friend or family member instead, or listen to an uplifting podcast or audible book, such as “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. I had that puppy on repeat for months!

  4. Find a Work Friend – Find and make friends with someone at work that you can share all the stuff with. Make sure to pick someone who is positive and uplifting that won’t make matters worse. Create regular lunch breaks with them and have them hold you accountable for the protocols you set in #1.

  5. Dress Bomb AF – HELLO! Look good, feel good sister! As my bestie B would say. Seriously though baby girl. LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD. Dress up like the bomb badass you are and show the fuck up for yourself. Get a spray tan, get your nails done, your hair did and update your wardrobe. Dress as your future self.

  6. Limit Technology – turn your phone on airplane mode, remove social media apps from phone and ban them from your browser. Seriously, I know this seems a bit much but I promise you it’s the most refreshing thing ever!!!! Just try it out. Talk about efficiency.

You’ve got this baby girl! I know you do. I’m proud of you and keep on showing up for yourself.

I know it’s hard to grieve someone who is still alive but remember, you’re alive, you’re living, and you get to create your reality. Make it everything you want it to be!

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Sending so much love!


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