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4 Ways to Practice Self Love After a Breakup

Practicing self love is always talked about. There is a million and one ways to practice self love on a recurring basis but what’s different about self love when you’re going through a breakup is that there is so many overwhelming negative emotions going on.








Self love is typically at an all time low. If you’re not busy beating yourself up you’re most likely beating up your ex in your mind and then beating yourself up for beating up your ex.

Practice these 4 self love techniques after a breakup to begin coping with these negative emotions in a way that propels you forward in life and doesn’t interfere with your next relationship.

4 Ways to Practice Self Love After a Breakup

  1. Rest – allow yourself to “actually” rest. Like literally take an entire day, block off your schedule, and plan to just rest. No work, no chores, just you and your Netflix, a DIY project or maybe an in home massage?

  2. Spend time alone – create space to feel your feelings. When you’re alone, you may feel lonely, totally fine. But create this space and build it into your soft landing. Make this time to sit with your soul (meditate).

    • How are you feeling alone?

    • What comes up for you?

    • Are you resistant?

    • Why?

    • What are you trying to avoid?

  3. Journal – so freaking therapeutic, get it all out baby girl. This helps you become aware of all your thoughts, the source of all your pain. It helps you discover your dreams and connect to the person within. It may even turn into art?!

  4. Connect with yourself – overall take time to connect with yourself on all levels.

    • Who are you?

    • What makes you happy?

    • What makes you whole?

    • What do you need?

    • What do you value?

    • What do you believe in?

    The best part of all of those questions is that you get to create the answers. If you don’t like the answers as they are currently, change them. Rephrase the question and build your future reality.

    You hold all the power within to create this into whatever you want.

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Sending so much love!


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