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13 Habits of a Successful Single Lady

After a breakup you wanna be a bomb badass bo$$ right?!

You have two options when you’re single. You can make it mean that it’s a bad thing and focus on all reasons you should be in a relationship or married and you’re not OR you can decide that it’s the most amazing, freeing and empowering time of your life and become the most badass lady you know. Your choice.

To make it easier, here are 13 habits of highly effective single ladies CRUSHING it in their life being the most bomb badass bo$$es:

  1. Awareness of her thoughts – She knows what thoughts she is choosing to focus on, she understands that her thoughts are generating her emotions and the results in her life. She’s cleaned out her attic (brain) decluttered the thoughts from her brain and purposefully and intentionally chose which thoughts/beliefs to hold onto. Want to start becoming aware of your thoughts but don’t know how? Check out the Let’s Work the Model Worksheet here.

  2. Awareness of her emotions – she no longer blames others or situations for the way she feels. She doesn’t blame others. She takes full responsibility for how she feels. She understands that her life is 50% negative 50% positive emotions and she can’t live without the contrast. Wanna learn more about emotional responsibility? Check out the blog post here.

  3. Journaling – She journals on a regular basis not only to help her be aware of her thoughts but also to clear out everything going on in her mind. She also practices gratitude ahead of time by including 3 things she’s grateful for in her journal each day.

  4. Meditation – She regularly practices meditation to deepen her connection with herself. Want to try but don’t know where to start? Check out the meditation guide here.

  5. Active (Yoga, gym, running) – She moves everyday whether that’s yoga, walking, running, or going to the gym. She takes care of her body and not only gets active but is aware of what she is consuming.

  6. Consistently absorbs self help and removes negative drips from her life – She listens to uplifting podcasts and audiobooks while removing negative drips.

    • Some favorites are The Lively Show, The Life Coach School Podcast & You’re A Badass by Jen Sincero

  7. Cutting things from life that feel heavy – She removes relationships, things, and situations that feel heavy. Anything that doesn’t spark join or make her feel electric she peacefully and with love removes from her life. This includes indulging in guilt and/or perfectionism.

  8. Goals and prioritization – She has goals and knows how to prioritize herself and what truly matters in her life.

  9. Builds confidence, not afraid of failure – She understands that success means failure. She has learned to manage her emotions so much that she can overcome fear and builds confidence ahead of time.

  10. Open to new experiences/new habits – She opens her mind up to new experiences, places and people. She approaches everything with a curious mind and is interested in perspectives that may be opposite of her very own beliefs.

  11. Spends time in person or on FaceTime with those she loves – She makes time to connect with people that she loves every single day. She doesn’t remain in her apartment/home alone all day without interacting with loved ones. She makes it a point to connect.

  12. They believe, without a doubt – She without a doubt believes her future is going to be better than her past. She practices this belief every. Single. Day. She decides, she chooses, and doesn’t let anyone or anything come in between her and  that belief.

  13. Above all else, listens to herself – She looks to herself for answers. She knows that nothing external or outside of her knows what’s best for her. Only she knows.

Want to dive into one of these habits together? Sign up a FREE mini session where you get free coaching on any topic of your choosing and we work together to find a solution.

With love and positive vibes,


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