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My 2019 Year In Review, What’s Yours?

Last year (2018) I got serious about goals. In 2017 I had set these goals at the first of the year and then never looked at them again, by the end of the year I was so disappointed with myself. What had I create? What had I done?

So, January of 2018, I wrote out the following goals in a book with my soul sister Christine. We also did a 2018 Year In Review meaning, we wrote out a review that outlined everything we had accomplished in 2018 (as if it had already happened) so that we could read it at the end of 2018 and it all would be true. We set up recurring check in calls to help hold us accountable to our milestones.

It was the best thing ever.

I accomplished all of my goals except for one (which I had made significant progress on). Some goals fell off my list because they were no longer goals I wanted to accomplish (sell the red umbrella and get a dog) they were no longer priorities in my life.

Some of my goals just appeared, like the beach house. I didn’t have money for a home, nor did I want to buy a home but when I made the decision to live with my boyfriend and move to MA the first place he sent me was “The Beach House”. We of course were living there, it was as good as done.

Some I worked really hard for but I LOVED the process. The process also brought so many amazing results in my life that weren’t even outlined as goals but I was so excited to have included in my life. The universe knew I needed them but I didn’t even know.

Here are some of my favorite results from 2018:

  • Graduated from The Life Coach School as a Certified Life Coach

  • Made over $10k from my Life Coaching & Consulting Business

  • Moved in with my boyfriend

  • Moved to MA

  • Moved into The Beach House living on the beach

  • Traveled to 2 International locations

  • Became a mentor

  • Created a regular posting blog/vlog

  • Created Model Monday

Overall, I’m so happy I created goals for myself and held myself accountable to them. I’m so proud and confident in my ability to make decisions, to go for it, to create something that has never been created before, to do something that has never been done before.

To be the exception, to be the one.

What are you doing in 2019. Are you living intentionally? Are you creating, exploring, getting curious? I’d love to hear what your goals are for 2019 and some amazing results you’ve produced in 2018!

Cheers my friends, I’m sending so much love and gratitude your way! I appreciate you beautiful souls so so so much!

Here’s to 2019!  

2019 Year In Review, what’s yours?

This year was the beginning of the rest of my life. I had found my passion and this year I created it! I made it real!

It was a year of constrain, a constraint that created and generated abundance! My narrowing in on what I really wanted I was able to create the life of my dreams. I am now a full time life coach of a $200k business that is thriving. I have articles in multiple publications and am known as the “Breakup Coach”. I’ve helped 100’s of thousands of women move past their breakups to create the life of their dreams.

I’ve taken a new way of life where I treat my body like a temple and have provided a soft landing space for myself. I am beautiful, elegant, and soft which makes me approachable and attractive to others. I love the space I have created for myself.

I still live close to the ocean so that I’m able to walk down to the sand and meditate every morning. My home is beautiful, white, airy, bohemian and full of love. It’s my space. It breathes with me.

Love is all around me but in a way I’m not familiar with. It’s a breath of fresh air and all of my personal work the past three years has really helped me love myself enough to know exactly what is right for me. I’ve eliminated relationships, people, and things that no longer align but I’ve found what aligns within and all around me. I was always looking for someone to build a kingdom with and this year I built my kingdom, a kingdom that is my own and I can now look to adding those who wholeheartedly align within it.

I built an incredible and well known business helping females around the world. I’ve been featured in a number of magazines, spoken and provided workshops in a variety of locations and capacities. I regularly present workshops and speak publicly at a variety of corporations and other large gatherings.

Physically I’ve taken everything to a peaceful calm place. I meditate and stretch every day. I also do yoga on a consistent basis and have built an amazing beautiful elegant body. It’s healthy and happy. I no longer put non natural anything into it. It’s ready to bare Marilyn and eagerly awaiting the next stage of womanhood.

Overall 2019 was a grounding and stabilizing year. It was a year of tremendous growth in all areas but mostly of inward growth and awareness. I’ve provided so much value in so many facets that abundance is pouring into my life at a rate that makes everything peaceful. I’m flooded with gratitude for the next chapter of my life.

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