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How to Cope with Holiday Financial Stress

So to be honest I started this blog and then as I was thinking back to my first holiday after a breakup I realized I honestly didn’t give any fucks about money. I legit was just like I’m not stressed about money I just want to have a good time.

If that is you, I get it, I really do. However, I can promise you (because I’ve been there) that if you just do the bare minimum of what I’m talking about today, you’ll thank yourself later.

How to Cope with Holiday Financial Stress

  • The first thing as always is to become aware of your thoughts. In this week’s vlog I do a model on feeling “stressed” about not having a lot of money for gifts. We work through an unintentional model and intentional model. So you can see the two different options available to you. One model allows you to feel “creative” while the other generates “stressed”. Which one are you going to choose this holiday season?

Unintentional Model:

C – $20 to spend on gifts

T – I don’t have enough money for gifts

F – Stressed

A – bugger with social media or eating, purchase things mindlessly with money you don’t have

R – No money for gifts, maybe even no gifts

Intentional Model:

C – $20 to spend on gifts

T – I’m really resourceful

F – Creative

A – Brainstorm, look on Pinterest, find opportunities to make more or exchange services, come up with different ideas

R – Really resourceful, gifts for people with only $20

  • Secondly, it’s so important to be mindful with your gift giving. My new money coach has a bomb af newsletter @moremoneycents check it out! But she made an amazing point recently about being mindful about your gift giving, meaning, know ahead of time how much you want to spend and who you’re purchasing for and what it is you’re purchasing. So that you’re not just mindlessly wandering around trying to decide.

I loved this idea and made a step by step process that you can follow to ensure you are mindful spending money on gifts this year. It doesn’t have to be this crazy difficult or stressful time.

Wouldn’t it be so much fun to have FUN doing this and not worry about the money piece of it all?

You get to decide how you want to feel, take that ownership this holiday season.

Process for Mindfully Spending on Gifts (also shown in the vlog):

  1. Decide how much you’re going to spend on gifts this year.

  2. Write down all the people you’re going to get a gift for.

  3. Determine how much you’ll spend on each person.

  4. Determine exactly what you’re going to get that person.

Notes: Write all of this down on paper, physically. So much more impactful. Now throughout this process, you’re going to have all kinds of thoughts about different aspects which will create all kinds of emotions. THAT IS OK AND TOTALLY NORMAL. Do models.

Work through the different emotions that come up. Take a moment to identify why you’re feeling the way you are and work through it right there and then. Move forward with this process when you’re feeling abundant and in a “light/bright” state of mind. If you feel all kind of anxiety/stress/scarcity do models first to get you to a different mindset where you’re open for opportunities.

Still want help? Sign up for a free 30 minute breakthrough session! Let’s work through it together.

Alright my friends! I love you all times a million and hope you’re having a beautiful holiday season!

With love and positive vibes,


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