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How to Survive a Breakup During the Holidays

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the holidays!

However, the holidays can trigger extreme loneliness for a number of individuals. Sometimes it’s certain family members that are missing, maybe families can’t physically be together for one reason or another.

And sometimes you’ve recently experienced a breakup and now all the of the traditions you’re used to with that significant other is no longer going to be a part of this holiday season. Not only that, but you won’t be with their side of the family, maybe friends will be divided, and the biggest of them all, you’ll be missing that person specifically.

So, what do you do?

Here’s How to Survive a Breakup During the Holidays

  1. Process Your Pain

    You’re grieving someone, which means you need to grieve. Do not avoid, resist or react to your pain. PROCESS IT. Don’t know how? Check out the processing pain worksheet and blog/vlog here.

  2. Become Aware of Your Thoughts & Take Emotional Responsibility

    It’s so important to learn how to take responsibility for the way you feel. You’re feeling happy or sad because of your thoughts about the situation, by recognizing this you take back your power to generate any feeling you want throughout this holiday season. Don’t know how? Check out the blog on emotional childhood/adulthood and use the worksheet to move towards emotional adulthood.

  3. Don’t Procrastinate

    If you need to return his gifts, cancel flights/hotel reservations, do it now. Don’t wait until tomorrow, do it all and start the process for everything that needs to be taken care of to disconnect from your ex. Don’t drag it out, you’ll most likely hurt yourself by indulging in negative non useful emotions such as worry, confusion, doubt, and overwhelm.

  4. Make New Traditions

    The holidays are filled with all kinds of traditions. What are some traditions you’ve been wanting to try out and gather your friends and family to start them!

    Here are some healthy holiday traditions you might be interested in!

  5. Keep & Manage Plans with Family & Friends

    Keep your plans with your family and friends. If you have mutual friends with your ex and events are taking place that you were both invited to, try these tactics:

    • Split the events with mutual friends

    • Schedule small get togethers with those friends separately

    • Don’t go if you don’t feel comfortable but make sure to find a different event with other friends that same night

  6. Prepare Your Responses

    You will be asked about your ex. Very simple. Prepare a standard response that you feel comfortable with that doesn’t trigger all kinds of emotions. Then go a step further for those friends/family that tend to be a bit pushy and have a set of witty responses ready.

  7. Focus on The New Year

    This is a new chapter of your life! You have a blank canvas and have all the power to create the life of your dreams. Start writing the new chapter you want! What are your goals for the next year? What are you most excited about in the upcoming year? Think to the future!

  8. Sign Up for the Free Breakup First Aid Kit

    This comprehensive guide gives you everything you need to survive and thrive after a breakup. If you’re struggling with the sudden end of your relationship and need help figuring out your next move, consider this your roadmap.

  9. Sign Up for a Free Breakthrough Session

    Still struggling? Sign up for a free breakthrough session with me where we address one issue that is going on with you and your breakup. I can promise you’ll leave this free session feeling better.

Bottom line baby girl, you are loved by so many people. The holidays may not be the same but now you get to create the holiday you want. Spend time with those you love and remember everything is happening FOR you, not too you.

Happy Holidays my love!

With love and positive vibes,


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