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Steps to Financial Freedom

When my ex had called everything off I remember being terrified with how I was going to financially live alone. I was about to move back to the city which was increasing my rent from $500 a month to $1300 a month. I had so many negative thought loops going on at the time and was so so so sad and this was just another layer on the situation that gave me so much anxiety.

Luckily, I had been listening to You’re A Badass by Jen Sincero which gave me the courage to jump and just believe the universe had my back. I picked an apartment that I LOVED and it was over double what I was previously paying. At the time it equated to one whole paycheck (out of 2 a month lol). Within my first year I had racked up a good amount of credit card debt.

In January of 2018 I started to self coach myself on my money mindset and identified so many negative money beliefs I had:

  • “I would never make enough money.’“

  • “I was never going to get out of debt because I have so much of it.”

I started self coaching on these thoughts and coming up with new intentional money thoughts I wanted to think and by February 2018 I had made over $18k, paid off all my credit card debt, and doubled my overall income for the year.

I want to help you do this at the same time you’re getting over your ex and going through the pain of a breakup. Why? Money should not be something you’re worried about. While your relationship ends with your ex, why not build an amazing beautiful relationship with money. Money solves so many problems and when you have to so much else to work through money shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

Steps to Financial Freedom:

  1. Awareness: Use these prompts/questions to gain awareness around your money beliefs, begin to question them and identify if they are serving you?

    • Core Money Beliefs

      1. Money is…

      2. What did you learn from your parents and teachers when growing up?

      3. How have you always thought about money? Include positive and negative thoughts.

    • Earning Money

      1. How much can you earn and what would that require in terms of time and effort?

      2. Are you open to receiving? And do you notice that the more you give, the more you’re open to receiving? Explain.

    • Spending Money

      1. What were your three best purchases?

      2. How did you feel when you purchased them?

      3. On a monthly basis what do you normally spend money on, how do you feel when you spend that money?

    • Having Money

      1. What is the difference between having money and wanting money?

      2. Do you associate being wealthy and having money with anything negative?

  2. Mindset Shift

    • Thoughts – Start to explore the thoughts you collected in step one and work them through the model. What are those thoughts creating? Are they serving you? Check out the free money mindset worksheet and start to make a mindset shift to start finding financial freedom.

    • Value Not Time – THIS IS HUGE! This is where I made the biggest changes when it came to my money mindset. Money isn’t created by time and effort. Money is created by providing VALUE. When you have a mindset in which money comes from time and effort you are constantly living in a place of scarcity wanting to make sure you get paid for every single thing you do.

      When you over deliver and provide tremendous value you ALWAYS get it back 10 times over. Not only are you more self confident but since you’ve provided such quality to the world, you’re open to receiving all the gifts and abundance the world has to offer.

      You can create your own wealth by creating your own value and providing it to the world. Begin to fully show up and be the best version of yourself you can possibly be and give as much service to the world as you possibly can. Be open to receiving and to be open to receiving you have to be providing true value.

These steps will lead to very tangible results. Become aware of your money current money beliefs, which ones are serving you and which ones should you drop? Then begin to shift your mindset to your new money beliefs and decide on purpose today that you’re going to go out and provide tremendous value to the world! In your job, in your relationship, to your friends, to your family, live your best version of yourself and as Sarah Finds says, “Be. Receive. Give Thanks”.

As always, if you have questions please feel free to sign up for a free mini session and check out the money mindset worksheet.

With love and positive vibes,


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